• Rules for Prisoner of Technology

    How many gadgets do you use for your daily life? One, two, or three, or even more? Nonetheless, in this globalization era, everyone needs tools to make life easier. One gadget is often not enough to satisfy one’s need. Years ago, using a computer for studying, working and gaming could be sufficient, eve for the whole family. But today, one person can own ultra book for working, tablet for gaming and entertainment, smartphone for communication and MP3 player for listening to music. The problem is, gadget developers launch at least one product in a month. So, gadgets will be out of date in less than a year. This is very overwhelming. If someone always tries to keep his gadgets up to date, maybe he will be trapped in financial problem in the future. So, what should he do? Of course, he should see this condition wisely. For this matter, I have some tips to consider.

    First, before buying any gadget, you have o as yourself. “Do I really need this gadget?” if the answeris NO, just don’t buy it. But if the answer is YES, ask yourself again, “What for?” If you have obvious purposeyou may buy the gadget. However, due to the fact that the development of technology is growing fast , you can consider to buy the latest type of gadget you want to buy. Maybe it will cost you a lot of money, but you can use it for 1 – 2 years.

    Second, see the gadget specification not the advertisement. We have to be aware that not every gadget which is advertised on TV or magazine as good as it looks. Advertisement can exaggerate it. For example, I-Phone products always seem better than any android phones. But, if we see the specification, there are some android phones which have almost similar functions to I-Phone. Of course, the operating system is different. But the CPU, RAM, internal storage and camera  can comparable.

    However, having the latest gadget is not everything. We have to check our financial plan first before buying any gadget. Gadget is not created to make us feel burdened. Some people maybe become a prisoner in this modern erabecuse of the gadget development. Borrowing money from the bank is unacceptable. 

    In summary, we have to face the technology development wisely. Do not force yourself to keep up date. Consider the priority above other things.  

    Written by: Risa Ardiani
    HI4/ Term 4/ 2012

    1. I think this article is very good because it can give us some information to choose gedget and for lovers of gadgets should have been more careful in choosing a gadget.

      Hilmy yuarifki

    2. The development of gadgets tempt the society so much. Someone can be called 'old-fashioned' if they don't have a gadget because with gadget we can get much unlimited information. However, if its usage is careless, it can cause negative effects in financial like have been explained above. Gadgets can also cause health problem related to our neurons.

      Dini Safitri Z., CV 5



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