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                    In October of 2012, I was fortunate to begin my LIA experience in Semarang.  This all came about because a couple of years prior, I accepted a friend request on Facebook from a woman in Java who was an English teacher, as I am.  I believe that at the time, I was living in Central Java doing my action research project while on a half year sabbatical from my U.S. job.  I’d been to Semarang  frequently during my four months’ stay in Java, and really enjoyed the city.  In fact, I tried to find out about all the international schools there in hopes that one day I might work there.

                    When I realized I was eligible to take the second part of my sabbatical, I decided on an online program of study and there was no doubt in my mind I would head back to Indonesia for a few months.

    I posted something about this on Facebook, and Ms. Sari quickly contacted me, asking if I’d like to volunteer at LIA.   How perfect!  I had big plans for travel and vacation besides my school work, but I did want to do something as a volunteer, and the prospect of finally teaching Indonesian students was exciting.  

                    In early October I arrived and began my “mission”.  I was treated royally from the first hour; I was met at the airport by Ms. Sari and the school driver, taken out for lunch, shown around the school, and introduced to lovely staff and students.  My accommodations at the home of one of the teachers, Ms. Dian, were outstanding as well.  I felt so blessed.

                    Some highlights of my time teaching in the three LIA schools included the Halloween Party at Banyumanik  school, team teaching and class visits, teaching teachers at a school with Ms. Sari, and my own adult classes on Monday and Tuesday nights.   In those classes, I tried to address the topics of interest of my students and we covered everything from U.S. education to politics and Thanksgiving!  I also thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the staff in the staff room.  I don’t think I’ve ever, in all of my career, worked with so many smiling, pleasant faces!  I could say the same for the students who were really lovely as well.

                    There was a national holiday during my short time at LIA, and Ms. Sari and Ms. Santi, busy teachers and mothers that they are, took me sightseeing to beautiful spots outside of the city.  I felt really honored that they did that for me/with me on their day off.  Their generosity was greatly appreciated.

                    My regrets are only that my time with LIA was too short, and that I was busy with my own studies and didn’t get to shop for and plan as many activities for students as I would have liked, but overall, I think everyone was happy and learned new things.  I know I learned good things from this experience.

                    My heartfelt thanks go to Ms. Sari for inviting me, and to this institution for graciously welcoming me as part of their team. I hope one day I can return for a visit!

    Heidi Wenger

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    1. Please do come back, Heidi.....it's our pleasure to have you here :-)



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