February 15, 2013 was a red calendar day for my ET 6 students. On that day, they had an outside class which took place in Dlish Bakery, located in Jalan Raya Candi Penataran Kav. 4 Semarang. Some students gathered at 15.00, some others went directly to the place accompanied by their parents. A few teachers came along, too, to guide the students while they had their class there. We arrived at about 15.20 by taxi. We were welcomed by some staff working there. They looked as enthusiastic as the students. 

Students from two branches, Candi and Srondol met one another there. Some introduced themselves, others were busy with their own friends. One of the staff, Rila, had a short welcoming greetings, introducing the meaning of Dlish-meaning delicious. She later grouped the students into two: the first would have a tour, exploring the production of the bakery, and the second would do the practice of making pizza. 

I fortunately escorted the second group so that I experienced to know how to make pizza. It’s not as simple as what it looks. The ingredients are easy to get, though. The process is quite simple, yet it still needs some patience to make good dough for delicious pizza.

The ingredients as follow: flour, sugar, milk powder, yeast, salt, butter, margarine, and cold water. They are mixed in a mixer and later put in a place to cut the dough into equal size and weight. The staffs then mold them into round shape. 

What the students did was rolling the round dough into flat shape—plate –like shape. It’s not that easy since they had to flatten it similar to round paper as the base. The roller they used didn’t do much since they used their fingers to flatten it. LOL. After finishing with the pizza crust, the students put the pizza flavor. The one available there was mayonnaise, chopped spicy chicken and paprika. 

The next process was put the pizza into proffer. The students waiting time for about 15 minutes was used to write the things they needed for their report. They looked enthusiastic as to ask questions and see other things around the kitchen. The staff was wiling to answer the questions and show some tools which have their function. After waiting for 15 minutes, the pizza was ready to be garnished using mayonnaise and chili sauce or anything they like. Later, the pizza was put into oven. It needed another 15 minutes.

The first group had a short tour looking around the production process. In a cool room in the corner, there were two staff busy preparing certain dough for the students to practice garnishing. The dough was made from white butter and white egg. Only two or three students gladly tried to garnish it, others just watched them. 

At 17.10, the pizza was ready to serve. The students preferred enjoying their pizza fresh from the oven to bringing it home. They seemed satisfied with what they did that day. Above all, Dlish bakery provided some more cakes to bring home with them. With only 20k, outside class was held with satisfying experience both for students and teachers. 


  1. its very interesting :D, it will make the interaction among them, increase the cooking education. So, they not easily get bored with the lesson that happen only in the class ;)