Story of Colonel Sanders’s Success

Colonel Sanders is one of successful business people.  He started his business at the age of 66 years. At the time he did not have much money except his annuity. He is just a retired army, but he has an expertise in cooking.  He cooked and offered his fried chicken recipes to over 1000 restaurants in his country. He pioneered KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). Now he became a symbol of the entrepreneurial spirit. I believe he did not come from rich family but he worked hard to achieve his dream.

Harland Sanders spent his childhood with difficult part. He was born at Henryville, Indiana on September 9, 1890. His father passed away when he was at 6 years. His mother could not work, so he became a breadwinner. When he was at 10 years, he got his first job with salary $2 per month. He left his house because his mother got married. It happened when he was 12 years. After that, he alternated undertakes.

When he was 40 years, he started cooking for people who visited his workshop. He served his cooking at workshop’s dining room. He moved to a restaurant when his workshop could not accommodate at lot of people anymore. He received his $105 annuity at 1952 and he began to open a franchise business. He went to another state with his car to cook some of fried chicken at one restaurant to another one. He was willing to pay for any fried chicken sold. At 1964, Colonel Sanders had more than 600 franchise outlet named Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC was growing rapidly. At 1969, KFC had more than 3.500 franchise outlet. In January 1997, this franchise outlet had almost 32.500 restaurants all around the world. Because of his determination and his perseverance, now more than a billion chicken fried chicken served annually.

Therefore, in order to succeed, one could start in old age with a little money. Furthermore, as long as one had great determination and perseverance, the dream will come true.

Written by: Dessy Noviarty
Intermediate 3/ Term 4/ 2012


  1. success requires hard work, passion, prayer and a strong faith so easily discouraged. only those who dare to take risks with smart people who will be successful

    farhan GIlang P. ET 6.

  2. To be a successful person, it is needed a preseverance to do something. Like Sanders that so presevere and never give up in his cooking expertise. So that, he could get a success that maybe he hadn't imagined yet before, i.e. now he has more than 32.500 KFC franchise outlets spread over the world.

    Dini Safitri Z., CV 5