• ET2 – L6 – Review Clothing with Flyswatter

    By Anna Dh.

    Purpose: to review vocabulary on clothing articles.
    1.       Print the pictures below and paste them on the board.
    2.       Divide students into several groups.
    3.       Give each group a flyswatter or rolled newspaper.
    4.       Read the clues below and have the students compete on hitting the right picture.

    Reviewed words:
    Jacket, sweater, socks, wool hat, gloves, skirt, T-shirt, shirt, tie, dress, underpants, shirt, boots, sneakers, raincoat, pajamas.
    1.       You wear this clothing everyday to school. The color is mostly navy blue. This is for girls. (Answer: Skirt)
    2.       They come in many different colors. You can even make your own design and print pictures on it. You wear it for sports and taking a walk in the mall. (Answer: T-shirt)
    3.       This is so comfortable and made of wool. If you wear it, you will not feel cold anymore. (Answer: sweater)
    4.       This is another wool item. People wear it when the snow falls to protect their hair. (Answer: wool hat)
    5.       This item is made of leather or plastic. It is long and has some holes on it. The color is usually black or brown. It is useful to fasten your trousers. (Answer: belt)
    6.       You wear this on the outside. It is big and warm. You can design and print your class identity on its back. You can even make a cool uniform from it for the whole class. (Answer: jacket)
    7.       You need good footwear for sports. Now you can grab these shoes! (Answer: sneakers)
    8.       Watch out! It is raining! Wear this to protect your head and body! (Answer: raincoat)
    9.       Fireman wears these to protect their feet from water and glass chips. (Answer: boots)
    10.   Ladies wear this. Girls also wear this. It is girly and beautiful for parties and for daily wear. (Answer: dress)
    11.   It is from plastic or from metal. It is easy to close and open your clothes by pulling it. (Answer: zipper).
    12.   They come in pairs. You wear them to keep your feet warm. For school you need the white ones. (Answer: socks)
    13.   They come in stripes, yes, sleep well in it. (Answer: pajamas).

    FFor pictures, you can download them here

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