When A Vampire Became A Fox

Once upon a time there were 3 friends. consists of 2 boys, named Edward and Jacob. And the only girl, named Bella. Bella is a beautiful vampire. One day, they went to forest. They will climb the mountain in the forest. They left their home in the morning. They started their adventure.

       They kept going. Until sunset, they didn’t arrive in the mountain. Bella was tired. She walked slowly. And she got lost in the forest lonely. She called Edward’s name and Jacob’s name, but it was useless. She was scared. Suddenly, she heard a voice. She was afraid. Than, from behind shurb came a group of fox. That fox came closer to Bella. Finally the fox caught Bella. And Bella became fox. 
       When Edward and Jacob found her, she was still a fox. She tried to catch Edward and Jacob. But, they can go away. Now every full moon, Bella became a fox.

                                                                    Halimah Rahmawati
                                                                                 ET-11/ Term 4/ 2012

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