Lying, Liar and Friendship

In the afternoon during holiday at tree house there are 3 bestfriends and 3 different characteristic. First, Lizzy is naughty, selfish, and not rich as Luca and Janice. Second, Luca is kind hearted but stupid. Last, Janice is stingy but smart.

They are talking at tree house. Janice and Luca don't know if Lizzy isn't as rich as them because of that Lizzy tries to keep updating what she has with her friends. Janice and Luca buy new shoes and bag, Lizzy wants to have new shoes and bag too. But, when she asks to her mom, her mom reply if she doesn't have money to buy that. Lizzy gets angry and without known by her mother she steals her mother's money, because she won't be embarrassed if she doesn't have new shoes and new bag. For a moment her mom knows uf Lizzy steals her money. Then, she asks why she steals her mother's money and she apologizes to her mom and her mom forgives her but she must promise if she won't steal her mother's money again.

After that, Lizzy explains to her besfriends if she isn't as rich as them. Janice and Luca understand why she do that. Lizzy apologize for her lies, her 2 bestfriends forgive her too.

Now, Lizzy lives just the way she is.

So, the moral value of the story is don't lying because if you lying you will not get anything but you will get nothing.

Written by: Kamala Nuriyah
ET11/ Term 4/2012

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  1. very interesting story. friendship is not seen from the social status of the day but sincere. lizzy do not need to lie to his friend he was just shy of telling the truth to his friend but if he was honest friend still forgave him and remained friends with

    by : sukma wismawan aji EL-4