Delilla is sitting on the bench in front of her class when the class haven’t started yet. She doesn’t know, that someone pay attention to her from a distance, it is Timo, third year student, he has a crush on her since one year ago. But he know, he can’t get her that fast, because Delilla has a classmate named Rudy, that has a crush on her too since three years ago. 
             At recess, suddenly Timo think that he is too mushy with Rudy, he always shows that he is a good boy in front of Rudy. Then, He becomes so freak, he like to spy Rudy’s activities in school everyday. And whenever he meet Rudy, Timo always wanted to attack Rudy.

            The next morning, Timo has decided that he will meet Rudy at canteen at recess. When the recess come, Timo move his foot to go to the canteen, he sees Rudy, and reaches his sleeve, and takes Rudy to the corner of the canteen, Timo starts to intimidates Rudy, “You are not supposed to be with Delilla, it supposed to be me!”.
“What’s your problem? we can do it in a fair competition!”
“So, what kind of competition do you want?” said Timo viciously.
Rudy kept silent for a while, he think hard, and then, “Well, how about I meet  you later in Bakso Kumis after school, I will tell you the the competition.” said Rudy bravely.
            Finally school has finished, Timo run quickly to Bakso Kumis, worried if Rudy will leave him, because he think that Timo is a loser. Timo arrived, he sees Rudy on one side of the Bakso Kumis accompanied by Delilla. Timo feel a bit jealous, but he thought to himself, “I know I will get her later.”
            “So here we are,” said Rudy gently, “I have decided that the competition is eating meatball and chicken noodle as much as you can,” “Will you guys really do this? It is stupid”, But they don’t listen to her, and start the competition.
            Time went by, they have spent one hour until Timo finally fill full and give up. Rudy shout happily, he now intimidates Timo, “So, what I say, I always win, you’re not supposed to be with her!” . Timo walked home sadly, he feel so depressed, he feel bad about himself, he can’t focus on doing something after that, until finally he decided to move out of town. YEY! :D

Written by: Elisabeth Lalita
ET11/ Term 4/ 2012

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  1. Really confused problem. Actually, Delila should choose one of them based on her feeling or who is loved by Delila. Because the result of that fair competition might be not agree with what Delila want. So that Rudy and Timo cannot insist Delila feeling because who is choosen by Delila, is the best boyfriend for her.