One day Olivia,Lula and Brian went to the mall in the middle of their town. Every weekend they always went there. Sometimes they hanging out without some reason. They are solid friends,actually.
                Olivia is prettier than Lula. But Lula always thinks that she is more beautiful tha Olivia. Lula tried to be her,sometimes. After a long time,Olivia felt uncomfortable with Lula. She dont like when Lula act like her,follow her style and etc.
                In the mall,there is an event. Actually a fashion show event. Lula took Olivia hand’s and immadiately register herself and Olivia. Olivia disagree with Lula, “She is too selfish. She never be like me” Olivia murmured.
                Then,the fashion show started. They just wait for the announcement. During waitingt Olivia said said what she feel to Lula “Hey please dont follow me. Be yourself” “I do’nt following you!” “dont talk like that” “i’ll be the winner” “no problem if it makes you change”
                Finally the announcement start. And the winner comes to Olivia. Lula feels sad “you just be yourself” Brian said.
                Lula depressed. Brian and Olivia getting further. Lula feels alone.
                At last,Lula regrets with her act. She apologize to Olivia and Brian. And they forgive each other. They forgive each other. They are happy ever after.

Written by: Ihda Asharia
ET11/ Term 4/ 2012

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  1. whwn we have a friends, we can follow the example of good behavior. do not be jealous. were you alone. because all would be better if all comes from within ourselves and our hearts. by: Nydia Khairunnisa EL-4