• Unknown Ability of Sakura

    Arigatou gozaimassu, Sakura-san..(Thank you Sakura)” said the patient to Sakura. “Ha’i. Doushimashite (Okay. You’re welcome)” Sakura replied with her sweet smile. Yeah, Sakura is one of the most popular girl in Konoha Village. She’s a medical ninja. Sakura is popular because of her beautiful face, kind-hearted attitude, her cute pinky hair, and because she’s Naruto’s partner. As you know, Naruto is Konoha’s hero right now. And also, Sakura was Tsunade’s student. Tsunade is Konoha’s leader or called ‘Hokage’. She is The Fifth Hokage.
                Now, Sakura becomes vice of medical ninja’s leader. She has two best friends. They’re Ino and Hinata. Ino is a caring person. Actually, she was Sakura’s rival when they were children. They struggled to attract Sasuke. He was a cool guy, he always gets good scores in academy, but his life was mysterious. Since 2 years ago, Sasuke escaped from Konoha. He followed the dark way. Neither Sakura nor Naruto could stop him.
                About Hinata, she is a shy person. She loves Naruto actually, but Naruto loved Sakura. And Sakura loved Sasuke. Such a confusing triangle love!
                In this case, Sakura is walking alone in the forest. She wants to find her necklace that seemed lost in this forest. Suddenly, a big group of ninja come to her. It seems like they want to attack Konoha Village. “Who are you?” asks Sakura bravely. They are glancing to each other. Then, the leader answers, 
    “Ha-ha..We want to destroy your village! Because we hate your village!”. “It’s useless. Attack Konoha without any reason. Just kind of stupid person would do that.” Sakura is opposing them. “Look at this courageous girl, boss. It seems she is challenging us.” says one of the member. “What? This weak girl? Ha-ha, you must be kidding..” the leader is mocking at Sakura. Sakura is infuriated, “Don’t underestimate me, coward!”. “Everyone, go attack her!” order the leader angrily.
                Everyone go forward to attack Sakura. Sakura takes a deep breath, then “CHANARU..!” she hits the ground powerfully. At the moment, the ground is cracked and separated into halves. The trees fall down. It almost destroys half of the forest. Sakura is panting. It used so much chakra.
                “How dare you..You almost kill all of my group..Damn you!” the leader is frustated. “Come on! Everybody attack her one by one!”. Sakura fights them strongly although her chakra is limited.
                The sound of Sakura’s hit is heard until the village. “What the hell, Hinata?!” Ino is  surprised. “Wait, let me check with my eyes. BYAKUGAN!” Hinata tries to use her magic eyes to take a look what happened in the forest. After that, she’s surprised, “Ino! Sakura is in danger! She’s fighting a group. Let’s report this to Tsunade-sama.” Hinata tells Ino seriously.
                Then, both of them inform Hokage. “What?! Are you serious, Hinata?” asks Hokage once more. “Um.. Yeah, of course.” Hinata is worried. “Okay. Now, Kakashi, you’ll go to fight them, and Naruto, you’ll bring Sakura here. And also, Ino, you have to help me to treat Sakura. Hinata, you have to inform all of your friends, especially Shikamaru, because he’s genius. Tell them to help Kakashi. Okay, everybody move!” command Hokage.
                While they’re busy discussing about the strategy, Sakura is busy fighting the enemies. “Damn, get away from me!” she keeps smashing them one by one. Then, she throws some shurikens (weapon like a knife). It’s not only a shuriken, but also contains paper bomb.
                Because of that, Sakura gets hurt. So, she separates from others and hides behind the bushes. She tries to treat herself because she’s a medical ninja. “I can’t be like this, I have to find a help..” she determines to herself.
                When Sakura wants to escapes, the leader of the enemy intercepts her. “Do you wanna escape? Poor you..” the leader gets mad. “What do you want from me?” asks Sakura carefully. The leader smiles slily “ Now, I won’t play anymore. I wanna kill you..!”. Looks like he wants to expel a step or jutsu. Just like Sakura imagines, he calls “Kuchiyose no Jutsu!”. Suddenly, a big monster come out. The monster roares loudly.
                “Hey, look! This is Sakura’s necklace, right?” Ino finds a necklace on the ground. “She maybe looking for this.” says Tenten. “Come on guys! We must help Sakura right now.” Engages Shikamaru. “B-but, where’s Naruto anyway?” asks Hinata shyly.
                “Grooaaarrr..!!” the monster keeps roaring. Sakura doesn’t have weapons anymore, and she has a little bit chakra, it isn’t enough to kill the monster. “Ha-haa..Now, what will you do, brave girl? Are you going to cry?” laughs the cruel enemy. Sakura just hold up her wound. She can do nothing. “Nobody can stop me! Get ready for your death! Monster, go kill her!” order the leader of the enemy.
                When the monster goes forward to attack Sakura, suddenly Naruto comes and catchs Sakura. Sakura is surprised, “N-naruto?”. Naruto is glancing at her face, “Daijobu desuka, Sakura-chan(Are you okay, Sakura)?”. Sakura cannot say anything. She feels warm, Naruto is so cool at that time.
                “Ino! Please treat Sakura. I’ll help Kakashi sensei!” he hands Sakura over to Ino. “H-hey, w-wait..” Ino cannot say anyword. Sakura is getting limp because she lost too much chakra. Then, the views starts to get dark, darker..
                “W-where am I?” Sakura opens her eyes slowly. “In the hospital. You were fainted.” Ino tells anxiously. “Where’s everyone?” Sakura looks at around, but there’s just Ino. “They’re still fighting, but don’t worry, they’ll be here after that.” Ino respons.
                Suddenly, the door opened. Naruto, Hinata, and friends come in. “Minna(Guys)..” says Sakura weakly. “How do you feel now?” Naruto starts conversation. “Better..” she answers with her smile. “You are great, Sakura. When we fought the enemies, only the leader left. It means you fought almost one group!” Kiba gave Sakura a praise. “That’s right! You’re amazing!” adds Lee. Although they give encouragement to her, she still feels lonely, because Sasuke isn’t here.
                Then, Naruto is getting closer to Sakura. He gives her a flower and a letter. “W-what’s this?” Sakura is amazed. “This is from Sasuke. I met him just now.” Naruto tells distinctly. Sakura doesn’t believe, “Really? From Sasuke-kun? Where’s he?”. “Umm, unfortunately, he is in a hurry. So, he left me quickly” Naruto looks disappointed. Sakura looks sad, but after that she smiles.
                “Psst.. Naruto, is that true? Do you really met Sasuke?” whispers Shikamaru. He doesn’t believe Naruto’s saying. “Of course not. I’m just kidding. That’s my flower and I wrote the letter myself. To make Sakura feels better..” Naruto tells honestly.
                “Ehm! I heard that..” Sakura changes her expression. “Ugh.. S-sorry..” Naruto’s trembling. “Grr.. I knew, you will stop Sasuke if you meet him. And also, this letter.. You wrote your name, not Sasuke’s name.. How stupid are you..! CHANARU..!!!” Suddenly, Sakura wakes up from the bed and hits the walls angrily.
                “DUAKK..BUMM..!!!!!!”. “Warning! Let’s go out from here..!!”. “Hey! Hellpp..!!!”. “Mrs. Hokage, please handle Sakura…..!!!”.

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