Pedro is a smart and clever person but he didn’t care about anyone. He’s selfish person. On Saturday, Ms. Diah will choose 3 students to join team work competition. Ms Diah chooses Pedro, Kate, and Jonathan. You have time for a week to prepare the competition, Pedro said her to Pedro. From Monday to Thursday Kate and Jonathan have prepared the competition but Pedro still play games like usually.

Kate and Jonathan got really angry with him but he didn’t care. On Friday Kate and Jonathan said “You are a selfish person! You don’t care about us”

But Pedro still doesn’t care.

On Saturday, 5 minutes before competition started, Pedro shown up by himself but Kate and Jonathan haven’t shown up. Ms. Diah was very confused. Finally, she delegates Pedro, just Pedro! But at semifinal Pedro failed to win even though he’s smart. Kate and Jonathan has shown up and laughed at him, Pedro realized what happened. He asks apology to Kate and Jonathan but they won’t forgive him. 

Written by: Zulfa Amalia
 ET 11/ Term 4/ 2012

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