Chain Story

By. Ms. Lala

You must have known what chain story is, that is a story that students complete one another. I’m sure many of you have tried this fun activity, especially in writing.  The activity I did with my ET 11 has some similar procedures, but I applied a bit different way. 

In the book, ET 11 book, the main focus is writing a short story. The details are names of characters, personality traits of the characters,  setting (include time and place), conflict of the problem, Climax and Solution, and finally the Results. I put the students into a circle; each of them has a piece of paper. Before, I asked them their favorite characters in some novels they read so that they can come up with unique, not-so-common names. I wrote down the details they had to write in the board.

First thing they had to do was decide the genre of the story. Is it going to be horror, romance, drama, adventure, etc. After that, the student hands in the paper to his/ her friend on the right side. This time, they had to write names of characters. There must be at least 3 characters with one main character. After they finished, hand in the paper, them continue to the next detail. Here goes the procedure  until all details written in their paper.

As final procedure, students must put the details on a story. They can take some details; names of characters, the personality traits, the setting, and they can also put some changes in the problem if they feel difficult to elaborate the story.

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