By: Mr. HR. Hidayanto
    LEVEL : CV-3

    1.       Teacher chooses two or three students as the leaders (depending on how many groups are going to be formed), the other students are sent out of the classroom.

    2.       The leaders are given instruction to create four expressions (depending on how many members of crew they want to recruit) related to the previous lessons. For example:   Are you free tonight? Can I leave a message? Could you tell me how I get to The Batik Museum? Can we move our appointment to Monday?
    3.       Then, the leaders are asked to stand up in the middle of the classroom. 
    4.       The students sent out side are asked to come into the classroom and told that they must respond what the leaders say. If they can respond, they will stand behind the leaders as members of crew.
    5.       The leaders are the captains so they must name their group as a name of ships. The names of the ships are up to the captains. However, the crew may give opinion.

    6.       The ships will go on battle. Each ship must be ready to prepare for the expression as their cannon.
    7.       If a ship is ready to shoot, the captain will say an expression. If another ship doesn’t want to get shot, the captain (with or without his crew’s help) help must say his ship’s name and wait for the signal from the shooter who calls the name of the ship to respond the expression. The captain of the ship responding the expression can be more than one. Then a ship which the captain can’t respond must give up a member of crew. And so on. The shooter will take turn based on the rank of who responds first, second, and so on.
    8.       The final result is when a ship has no more crew but captain, then, he will abandon the ship and join another ship.
    9.       The least numbers of the crew will be sent to the teacher as the captain of Royal Navy of England.
    10.    This technique can be applied to any other level or program with some modification.

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