by Ilana Tan

Keiko and Kazuto are neighbors. They lived in an apartment. Keiko didn’t realize that she actually had a conversation with Kazuto when they were in school. They had a chat before. There’s something happened between them in the past. But, only Kazuto remembered that he had met Keiko in the past. He was pretty sure about that. Would Keiko remember Kazuto? And how did they meet each other before? Find out by reading the novel.


I like the story because it has a lot of dramatic scenes. This story is good when I red it. I felt like I was being the characters.
My favorite part of the story is when Keiko finally recognized Kazuto. I recommend this novel to people who like romantic, dramatic and sad drama.

Reviewed by Leony Kristya
ET 10/ Term 3/ 2012

 by E. D Baker

Princess Esmeralda escapes to a swamp because she doesn’t want to marry Prince Jorge. In the swamp, she meets a frog. It can speak and admit as a Prince Eadric. The frog asks the princess to kiss him, so that the frog can change into a prince.

Poor Esmeralda. After she kisses the frog, the frog doesn’t change into a Prince. Instead, the princess becomes a frog, too! Princess Esmeralda screams, panicky. Everything is quite different when you become a frog. A lot of creatures want to catch you, and the disgusting bluebottles become one of your daily food. When they try to become humans, both of them are caught by an evil witch. Emerald and Eadric try hard to escape from the witch. 

Can they change into humans and escape from an evil witch? Find out by reading The Frog Princess.

I like this story because it has a lot of adventures, funny events and suspense. It’s like a fairytale; unique, fun and fancy. When I read it, I felt like I was actually in that story because it has a lot of details and feeling in it. If you like fancy and romantic story, this book is right for you.
My favorite part of the story is when Esmeralda becomes a frog. She learns how to catch a bluebottle, roll the tongue and some weird things that she never does. It’s very embarrassing, disgusting, but funny. I recommend this page-turning story to anyone who likes adventure and fairytale. The suspense is especially noticeable during the adventure of escaping from the witch. It will take your breath away. I would recommend this novel for teenagers age around 9 – 15 years old.

Reviewed by Feriska N. S
ET 10/ Term 3/ 2012

by Nurul Izzah

Sarah us a student of England Moslem School. She has a new classmate. Her name is Ratna. She’s from Antartica.the teachers say that Ratna is a princess. On holiday, Ratna persuades her friends to visit her kingdom in Antarctica. How is their adventure in Antarctica.  Let’s read the novel.
I like the story because it’s full of imagination. The story is good for reading over and over again by children. When the children read it, they will feel like they are actually in the story.
I recommend this story for children under 10 years old. The story is full of imaginations o they can imagine how adventure is in Antarctica. They can feel like being in Antarctica full if snow, Iceland, pengin, etc.

Reviewed by: Halimah. R
ET 10/ Term 3/ 2012

BY Windy Puspitadewi

Raka is a stubborn boy. He never cared of other people’s thought. As long as he was right, he would do it. Until one day, inevitably he must make friends with Nathan, Nadya and Sarah. Three people with different characteristics are in charge of wall magazine at school with Raka.
Nathan, smart but always acts cynically, Nadya, leader of the class never asks for help from others. And Sarah, a shy girl always makes Raka want to help her.
Finally, Raka was trapped in the affair of others which makes him learn a lot about something he has been afraid of, lost.


I’m interested in this novel because it has a lot of drama and suspense. When I read it, I felt like I was actually in the story myself because it has a lot of details and feelings in it.
I recommend this story to people who like the heart-warming novel, especially for teenagers that like the story about best friends and love. This novel is appropriate with the reality of life.

Reviewed by Ria
ET 10/ Term 3/ 2012

By Jacqueline Wilson

Jayni Fenton once lived with her mother, father and her little brother. Until one day her mother won a lottery. Jayni’s father liked to hit her mother whenever he lost his temper. But suddenly Jayni’s father hit her when she confronted him about his beatings. Then she, her mother, and her little brother decided to run away with their lottery money to London and change their names. So, Jayni becomes Lola Rose.

At first, their new life went well and they also could afford more luxury. Lola Rose has a new circle of friends, too. However their life turned upside down again when her mother started seeing an art student and found out she got cancer. She went to hospital, leaving Lola Rose and asked her to take care of her little brother. But in the other side, Jayni’s kind aunt came and for a while the family could have a little normality.  But, meanwhile her father is on their trail and tracked them down. What will happen next? Can Jayni’s father find them?


I like this story since it has a lot of excitement and suspense. This story makes me want to read over and over again until the very end of the story. I like the part when Jayni or Lola Rose met her new friends and try to interact with them.
I recommend this book to people who like adventure and life story.

Revewed by: Sabila Regita
ET 10/ Term 3/ 2012

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