by Marisanti, Chandra Dewi, Ayu A, Maharani)

Various Types of Learning Methods

a. Lecture Method.

            In the lecture method of teaching and learning process conducted by the teachers are generally dominated by lectures.

b. Q & A Methods

            Question and answer method is a way of managing the learning result in the questions that lead students to understand the material. Q method will be effective when the material is a topic of discussion interesting, challenging and high-value applications.

c. Discussion Method
            Discussion is a method of learning how to manage the presentation of the material through problem solving, or the analysis of technology products to solve the system is very open. A discussion of the active support of students assessed when the discussion involves all members of the discussion and results in a problem-solving.

d. Method of Providing Duty

            Method of delivery is the task of teaching or presentation of the material through the assignment of students to do a job. Work assignments can be individual or group. Work assignments for each student or group can also be the same and different.

e. Experimental Methods

            Experimental method is a way of managing learning activity in which students conduct experiments to prove himself an experienced and learned. In this method the students are given the opportunity to experience for yourself or make your own by following a process, observing an object, analyze, prove, and draw your own conclusions about the studied object.

f. Tutorial Methods / Guidance

            Tutorial method is a process of learning is done through the management of the assistance provided / performed by teachers to students either as individuals or small groups of students.

            The teacher's role as a facilitator, moderator, motivator and mentor are needed by students to accompany them to discuss and complete tasks


            British academic year runs from September to July. The new school year begins in early September, at the end of summer vacation.

School is open for 195 days each school year.

The school year is 39 weeks long and is divided into six terms:

Ø  Term 1 - September to October (followed by a day off a week)

Ø  Term 2 - October to December (followed by a two-week holiday)

Ø  Term 3 - January-February (followed by a day off a week)

Ø  Term 4 - February to March (followed by a two-week holiday)

Ø  Term 5 - April-May (followed by a day off a week)

Ø  Term 6 - June-July (followed by a six-week summer vacation)

The main school holidays are:

Ø  Christmas - 2 weeks

Ø  Spring - 2 weeks

Ø  Summer (late July and throughout August) - 6 weeks

Ø  One week holiday at the end of each odd-numbered period.

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