Aiyori and Aoirin


The sound of swaying leaves and cold breeze meet her skin. Shivering, she wraps her arms around her body trying to warm it up. She sat alone at that bench hugging herself. Her eyes feel hot, and before she realizes her tears already come out, run down through her cheeks. She tries to hold it back, but fails. She sobs at that park alone.

He wonders what kind of story he will write. He really loves literacy, he wants to write a masterpiece, he wants to fascinate his readers. As he walks pass a park, he hears sobs. He turns his head to see the one who cries, only to find a girl crying. ‘What makes she cry? Usually he doesn’t care, but instead of leaving her, he walks closer.

Tap tap tap

She hears someone walk closer. She looks up at that person, not bothering to wipe her tears. Automatically his left hand reaches her chin hold it up. “You’re crying.” he says before using his right hand to wipe her tears. She holds her breath, she doesn’t know how to react. So she just stays in silence, there are too many questions in her head. They stay silent deep in their own mind, not until Aiyori asks her, “Can I sit here?”. Too tired to say ‘yes, you can sit there’. “Hn” she says. Knowing his answer he sits down beside her. “You know.. sometimes we need let our emotion go” he said one of his favorite character quote. Her eyes widen, she gasps at his sentence beginning to let her tears come out.


He looks at his phone, ‘today, there’s a new contact in my phone’ he thinks as he smiles. He can’t get rid of her image –the now one of his main character in his new story- that day he got her number, e-mail address in the other word her contact. One month ago he met her in that park, and until this day they still meet each other. Still in that park sitting at that bench, everyday after school they meet. They have a lot in common. Both of them like to read, to write. Listen to  the same kind of music, food and the other things.
She types her phone, then she reads it but then she deletes that message. She has kept doing it after she comes home until ten o’clock. ‘Stop! it’s the 30th time I tried to send him’ she sighs as her thought flying to the past. Their first meeting.

That day she is very disappointed. He is the one who makes her fall in love with him, the one who gives her a slight of her hope to be together with him and the one who abandons her feeling. He chooses to move, to chase his love in another city and didn’t answer her three years feeling. Was asking for  an answer for her feeling too much for him?

 “Slowly his image is disappearing,” she whispers to herself. She wants to say a lot of thanks to Aiyori, because he accompanies her, he cheers her up, he does many things she doesn’t expect from him.
She goes to that park, her favorite place. Usually the park is full of kindergarten children play, chatting, and many other activities, a lively place can light up her mood. But even the park is empty and looks dead. She sits at that park and sobs. She doesn’t regret to go to that park, because she met him there. Aiyori a black haired man around her age, he wears glasses as he likes and headphone all the time except when he wants to chat. He is a kind in his own way.

Pip pip pi- that sound interrupts her flashback. She quickly looks at her phone and picks it up, to see the message from Aiyori.

From      : Aiyori
Subject :
Night madam, btw I’ve figure out the plot for my story.

She smiles at his message.  Her heart begins pounding. Thump thump thump is all she can hear, before her mother knocks her door and pops her head. Her mother is confused, she –Aoirin, her daughter- has been in her room ever since she returns from school, when her daughter comes home her face is a little flushed and looks too happy. Her mother really wants to know why. “Mother!” she yelps, realizing the arrival of her mother. “It’s dinner time, darling.” “Oh! Okay just a moment,” quickly she answers his message and runs down to the dining table.


From         : Aoirin
Subject     :
Contents :
This is our first message! I would like to know that plot Mr. Aiyori~ In the same park after school, okay? 
See you there~!

‘So typical of her’ he smirks after reading her message and then continues to do his homework. One month is long enough for him to take an interest to her, to know her problem, to care for her, to do anything he can do for her. And he knows there’s no need to ask her to be his girlfriend, it is very clear for him.

Written by: Oasis
ET 9/ LIA SRONDOL / Term 3/ 2012

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