• The Thrill of mas Eddie

    Does anyone know Edward Martin?

    Edward who?

    Who Martin?

    I know Eric Martin, the cute-looking vocalist from Mr. Big.

    I know Chris Martin. He is the guitarist and pianist from Coldplay.

    So, who on earth is this Edward Martin?

    Well, ask my colleagues in my office, they will show this response <IipSmiley>

    Then  ask my students, especially female ones. They would nod, yell, and even scream his name. like this<IipSmiley>
    Is he that phenomenal? Emmmmm…. <IipSmiley>

    In this beginning of July, my institution of English course got a native speaker from London, England. Weeks before, he came, we, teachers already announced his arrival. His pic was attached in all doors so that students would not think to take postpone the next term. And last two weeks, here he came…<IipSmiley>

    Before I tell you students’ reaction, I’d like to tell you my friends’ first. Okay, my reaction first
    Errrr…. I heard his voice through the glass door from my class. He was on the way to my class with my supervisor. One thing crossed my mind, was my next door class playing a movie in the class. Why was it so loud that I could hear from my class? Does this class need sound proof or something? Then, krieeeeekkkkk… My class door was open and here he was, standing towering to the roof. My students there, got stunned looking at him. Then there was his voice, deep and bass tone, he introduced himself.
    “Hi, I’m Edward. I’m 21 years old. I’m from London. I’m doing …. with AISEC….”.

    My students got stunned. As soon as he left, the classes turned to be wild. Missssss…. Will he be in our class? When? He’s so cute. He’s …… Just name their comments and questions that made my head spinning. <IipSmiley>

    The next day, my other friends’ reaction, especially female teachers. Fyi, some of us watched Sherlock Holmes mini series. And we agreed that his face is 11-12 to Benedict Cumberbatch. You don’t believe me? Look at them…

    How about my male friends? Emm…. I’m not really sure because the first time he got to my workplace, I wasn’t there. But, since he’s another freak of football, he’s a good a partner to play football game in computer. In this part, my male colleagues make him as their favorite partner. <IipSmiley>

    Owh, well, now I forgot what I should tell in this blog since I postponed doing it since last Tuesday.  I’ll be back as soon as I remember. Ok? <IipSmiley>

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