by Prayoga and Fathoni

    Once upon a time in West Sumatra, there is a family consists of a mother and her son. The son’s name is Malin Kandang. Why is his name Malin Kandang? It’s because before the mother gave birth, she got a lot of debts while her husband passed away. She didn’t have a house because it was seized. Then, on a rainy day, the woman walked form one place to another place to deliver her baby. She found a stable and delivered her baby there.

    Years later…

    Malin Kandang became a good and happy child. He liked to help his mother. When Malin became an adult, he met his neighbor . his neighbor seemed to be a successful person. After that, Malin went home and told his mother about his plan. He wanted to be successful, too, like his neighbor. He asked his mother’s blessings to go to another island. He wanted to work in a bus company like his neighbor. After he got her blessings, he went with his neighbor.

    Years later…

    Malin became successful with his bus company. One day, he held a tour and went to his home land. When he arrived there, Malin’s neighbor told his mother that Malin came home. She became happy and followed the neighbor to the shore. When she met him, she hugged him. But Malin didn’t want to admit that she was his mother. Then, she was very angry and cursed him into a tire. 

    ET 9/ Term 3/ 2012

    1. what ? this is my story. However I remain happy, because I think this is first my story on display here. I hope my story can make people laugh (who read my story) ^ ^

      (by: Fathoni)

    2. i'd like this story,it give more awareness for us to :
      1. Became successful, not make us conceited
      2. we can't be successful without blessings from our family
      3. So don't let them & thanks good you've family which support you became successful
      (by : dini firmala - CV5 saturday morning class)



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