• A Story of Angga (an outstanding student)

    Okay, let’s start. My name is Deas Makalingga Emiri, my friends usually call me Angga, and I don’t know how they can call me like that. I was born in Semarang on 25 June 1999. I’m twelve years old and I study at SMP 2 Semarang, I was born by my parents...of course. My father’s name is Dedi Emiri. He works at PT. Antares in Yogyakarta as a General Manager, he always goes back home only on Saturday night and goes to Yogyakarta again on Monday morning. My mother’s name is Ika Yuliastri. She is a housewife, takes care of me and my sister. About my sister her name is Deas Arkananta Emiri almost same with my name. She is 7 years old. She is a cute girl, if my sister is a cute girl so I’m a handsome boy hahaha.

    Back to myself, I was born in Semarang but my family moved to Kudus after I was born. I lived in there for five years; it’s a very peaceful city. There is no any riot until now. I have a lot of friend in there. One of them there is Raja my friend or I can say a best friend. Sometimes I exchanged my toys with him; it’s a very beautiful friendship. We’re naughty when we were a child. At kindergarten we made my teacher overwhelmed, when other students studied, we played at the playground. We always disturbed other students and I made ​​my friend fall into the pool and she was crying and complaining to their parents until their parents got mad at me. Not just their parents, my parents also got angry to me and they punished me. I can’t watch TV for a day, which the first time I got punished. For the next day, I still got punishments. I made another act. I can’t watch TV for a week. My parents are strict to me; I like it because it made me know etiquette and manners. After five years in Kudus I moved to Semarang because my father works in Semarang but I never forget my experience in Kudus.

    When I moved to Semarang I still didn’t have any home yet. So I lived in my grandmother’s house for 3 years until I was a second grade student. My elementary school is Islam Elementary School Al Azhar 25. I have a 101 friends that a peer with me. In the elementary school I was not naughty like when I was kindergarten. Still naughty but no so naughty. In elementary school my experience taught me for the attitude, not just attitude experience also teach me with a lot of trial. I know how a failure feels like for a score I’ve got 6 for my English after that I study hard. When I was a fourth grade selected for social competition in Jakarta. it’s not easy to get that I have to beat one competitor from my school that was selected also, because only one that needed I’ve to pass an elimination and I got it and I’m very happy to know that.  

    In fifth grade I don’t have any exciting story only a one bad story that make me trauma. When I went to Yogyakarta I visited a new mall. I went to the fifth floor on that mall with a lift. I don’t know that the lift is not in use. The cable of that lift was off when I use that life. It’s a very terrible moment and finally that live was stopped by the emergency brake. It make me trauma and never use a lift for almost 1 year. If there is a stairs I will choose stairs than use the lift. Now I don’t feel that trauma again. In a sixth grade I do a very hard work to finish my elementary school with a good score and can be accepted in a favorite junior high school like now in SMP 2 Semarang. Every day since semester 2 in my sixth grade I only study math, science, and Indonesian language and after all my hard work I got 27.05 in my national examination score. That’s not the best score but I still proud because I get with all of my handwork and sacrifice. After it I focus to the SMP 2 Semarang acceptance test and I placed in rank 28 in acceptance test. I was Excited to hear that even I don’t feel any vocation like other student but my sacrifice paid with accepted in that school. In that I have a lot of story, from a good story, a naughty story and also a failure story. I the first semester I face a lot of pressure because the lesson is not so easy and the score’s standard is very high but slowly I can study with that pressure

    In the end of 2011 my music teacher chose me to play with vocal group as a guitarist but I can’t play guitar I only can play piano’s don’t know how to play it so for a month I study hard to play guitar and finally I can do it. My vocal group registered to FLS2N competition and I got 5 month to prepare it means 5 months to not focus to my lesson’s l of lesson leave a lot of lesson hour to prepare it because it a very famous competitions in junior high school because my school has won three time in a row for national FLS2N.but first I must face the competition in the city. I sacrifice everything, my lesson, my rest time, my time at home and many more. At the competitions we did as well as I can but unfortunately we failed to bring our school in to the national competition. We only get the second; the first is SMP 3 I cried when I hear the announcement what I got just nothing. All of my sacrifice doesn’t mean anything my vocal group friends also cry t hear that but it gave me a lesson “IF WE READY TO WIN, WE SHOULD READY TO LOSE”. It’s hard to accept that but finally I can do it. That’s all about me than you for read it.

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