• Rubber Time Should not be a Part of Indonesia Culture

    Selma Elvita Rani/ HI 4
    (First Winner of Higher Intermediate 2012)

    Do you often come late? Well, many Indonesian people are used to come late. Even it is said that rubber time is a part of Indonesia culture. I guess it is really not good, because it will be possible that other nations do not trust Indonesian and think that it is not easy to cooperate with Indonesian people. Beside, rubber time is not ethical to be our culture. Being used to be late is something bad that can influence our character. It will give so many negative effects to our own selves. The example is we become lazier, we will start to procrastinate a lot of things, and we can also miss to do important things because we are late. These examples obviously show that rubber time should not be habit for Indonesian people, it can make us not able to do our best, and even make us difficult to pursue our dreams. Therefore, we must eliminate rubber time culture from our daily lives. I believe there are three ways to avoid rubber time culture.

                First, every parent should inculcate on time culture to their children. The on time culture should be introduced as a must since we are children, because when we are already grown up and have been used to be late, it will be very difficult to change it. So, inculcate your children as early as possible! Do not ever let rubber time become our habit, once it has, it will give many bad impacts to us.
                Second,punishment for late people should be made more strict. People are not afraid to be late because they do not get terrible consequences. It makes people think that they will be fined if they come late again. In this solution, school can be a very effective institution, because school is also a media to mold a person’s character. When a punishment for someone who is late at school becomes more strict, students will be used to be on time. It will help them avoid the rubber time culture.
                Third, we have to grow the awareness from our own selves. I believe this is the most important way to prevent rubber time culture, since everything depends on our own selves. We have to be aware that being late is really not good, convince yourself that being late is embarrassing, it can be a motivation for us to be on time. Always remember that being discipline will give so many positive effects on us.
                In short, in my opinion, we must eliminate the rubber time culture from our lives. We can prevent it by inculcating on time culture since we are children, making more strict punishment for people who often can not be on time, and grow the awareness from our own selves


    1. 1. rubber time is part of indonesian culture, so we must be aware that the most important to inculcate awareness on our selves
      2. we must start inculcating discipline for our families by give punishment for our children when they can't be discipline and give a reward when they do the best

      by : dini firmala - CV5 saturday morning class

    2. i think lazy is the reason of rubber time, so don't be a lazy people~



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