• Money can be A Source of Evil

    Did you know that money is the source of evil? Do you want to know why I could say that? Well, let me tell you what people can do with a lot of money on their hands.

    Money can turn economical people into impulsive buyers. When people have a lot of money usually they buy things without thinking about whether they need those things or not or how much the price is. Furthermore, they mostly buy what they want first not what they need.

    Money can make you arrogant and powerful. It is common that people who has abundant money feel that they are more powerful, more special than any other people who have less money. Not all rich people are like that, though. Sometimes it depends on how they get their money from: is it from their work or given by their parents . people who get money from their hard work usually will respect the money more than those who get the money from someone else.

    So, those are some reasons why I could say that money is the source of evil. Money can be good or bad things depend on how wise we spend our money. If we can spend money wisely, I believe money won’t turn us into evil who has spendthrift hobbies. Just keep this in mind that we control our money not money control us.

    By Adhi Wahyu K
    Intermediate 4/ term 2/ 2012

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