The Brightness I Do Want to See

By Marsha Amalia Aniq (IN-4)

Many years I have spent in this country, Indonesia, a country – where my great mother give birth to me and I grow up. And because of those two facts, my feeling of pride and love bloom for this country. Yet, I cannot deny that – like a coin with its head and tail – I also have several disappointments about this natural-resource-rich country. However, it is not the time to speak about the ‘dark’ side of this nation, but the ‘bright’ things I hope Indonesia is going to have for the future. 
            Some time ago, several friends of mine had a chance to to to Singapore. And from their stories, there are some new things that I cannot find in Indonesia. Yes, it is true that Singapore is a great country and I want Indonesia to be like that. I do want to see Indonesia as a nation who cares about cleanliness, health, and dicipline, and filled with people of great self-restrain by always following rules and regulation. So that we will never see heavy traffic jams or even rubbish dumped on the streets.

            Other than that, I hope that Indonesians will be known as educated people who can build great cities with wonderful buildings, make new innovations, and discover useful things. Hence, we will no longer be known as a nation that can only follow others. I want Indonesia to be independent. Meaning that the goverment can run the country and manage its people without foreign intervension, develop its own energy infrastructure, and the like.
            The last thing I want to see is that typical questions like “Who are you?” and “Where do you come from?” referring to people from the Eastern part of Indonesia are no longer heard. I was born in Eastern Indonesia (although no direct descendence from any tribe there), therefore this kind of divisions make me sad. And there has been to much blood spilled for this wasteful concept.
            I do hope that Indonesia will be better than this time. So there will no more ‘dark’ sides that Indonesia wil have, but more and more ‘bright’ sides to come. I am lookinng forward to the time when I can see that brightness.

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