• I WON’T HAND HIM TO YOU! (a short story)

    By Khansa Abi Z
    ET 11

    BATALIA hates April. Well, just this year’s April, actually. In fact, she loves April a lot, especially when it comes to April fools. But not this year. Not when her dearest brother, Ivan is going to graduate together with his friends. And, uh, his ugh boyfriend. Then again, she wonders why her family moved to Japan in the first place. Japan is a country where students graduate on April.

    “I won’t hand him to you, “Natalia hisses with malice when she realizes that Gilbert is standing beside her in the school canteen, both of them waiting for their share of melon pudding.

    “You don’t have to I already own him,” Gilbert grins without the fear of the lunch tray. Natalia is holding (which is a very potential weapon to bash his face right in).

    “No, you don’t.” the Belarusian girl grips on her tray tighter, already wanting to throw the metal on the German boy when she sees the subject of her so called brother complex disease walks towards them.
    Gilbert doesn’t need to come with a reply, because Ivan taps his shoulder softly and smiles. The boy knows that he doesn’t need words to describe his relationship and he bets Natalia knows the look Ivan is having right now better than anyone. Right at that moment, Natalia feels a stab of realization that she loses Gilbert. The looks and the smiles Ivan is giving to Gilbert are charming, soft and sincere. How couldn’t she realize it until now? For a moment, she regrets for she’s done to Gilbert, all the bullying and harsh words.
    Gilbert turns his head when he feels a hand grabbing at his super cool Nazi T-shirt, and he doesn’t expect what he actually sees. Natalia shoves her melon pudding while mumbling, “Fine, you can have him, Gilbert Beillschmidt. And take this pudding as my apology for the things that I’ve done.”
    Even though her voice is low and the noisy chattering cover it, Gilbert can hear her perfectly and he smiles a thanks.


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