• Backpack Sharing Program

    Presented by : Ms. Dyah and Ms. Lala
    Skills: Reading and Speaking

    Teaching EC students for some teachers can be a burden if they do not know how to teach the materials, but for some others it can be so much fun. In teaching an EC class, as teachers, we can combine some skills in teaching a material/ topic. For example, we can teach speaking altogether with reading.

    1.       Prepare the text that is going to be discussed. Divide the text into some parts, for example 4 parts.
    2.       Divide the students into groups.
    3.       Number the students in the group.
    4.       One by one, each member from each group is asked to go in front of the class to read the text. Then he/ she has to go back to his/ her group to tell about what he/ she has read.

    Example of the text:

    1.       Hot Air Balloons
    The Montgolfier brothers launched the first hot air balloon in 1972. It was made of paper. A year later , the Montgolfier balloon carried its first passengers – a rooster, a sheep, and a duck! Hot air balloons are still used to travel, to sightsee, and even to race. But today, they’re made of cloth or rubber instead of paper. And they’re certainly not used to transport farm animals.

    2.        Contact Lenses
    Today, we use contact lenses to see better, and some people use them to change their eye color. The first contact lenses were made of heavy, dark glasses. Then, in 1984, Kevin Tuohy made a breakthrough in contact lens technology, but his contacts were still thick and stiff. In the 1970s, scientists created the soft plastic lenses that many people wear today.

    3.       The Remote Control
    You use this plastic device every day to turn the television on and off and to change the channel. But the first remote control wasn’t that convenient. It attached to the television with big cable. People tripped over the table, so no one like this remote. In 1955, Eugene Polley invented a wireless remote. He solved the problem of the big cable, but his remote control had a new problem. It used light to control the television, and it didn’t work very well on sunny days! Today’s remote controls are much more advanced. In fact, some remotes can control several electronic devices at the same time.

    4.       Rubber Bands
    What a useful creation! In 1845, Stephen Perry made the first rubber band. Rubber bands are made of special kind of elastic rubber. We use rubber bands to hold together paper, books, and other things. They have another great use, too! If you can’t open a jar, wrap a rubber band around the top and then turn. The top will come off right away!  

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