Telephoning Game: How Fast Do You Respond to Phone Order?

IN1 – L9 
by Anna Dh.

·         Preparation: a set of menu from various restaurants, give one for each receptionist/order-taker.
·         Seating arrangement: back to back.
Line A: phone operator in various restaurants,
Line B: customers

1.    The class is divided into two teams: customers and phone-order takers, who sit back to back.
2.    Practice with a pair of students as an example, and then repeat with the whole teams in the class.
3.    As phone order takers, they must read the menu and answer questions and take delivery orders from the customers, ask their addresses, number of order, give explanation on payment method.
4.    As customers, they must make orders by phone, ask the menu and price, make orders for family dinner, give address and delivery time, and ask about payment method.
5.    A customer can make orders to more than one restaurant at the same time. It means he/she must switch seat with another customer, to sit back to back with the phone-order taker of the restaurant they want. The customers may also pretend to prepare dinners for 2 or 3 consecutive days, and order a different menu for each night.
6.    Teacher acts as a timer. Give each group a 7-minute time frame. Order takers will be assessed by how many customers they can respond to in a 7-min period (quick-and-accurate service).
7.    The winner is the group who can respond to as many customers as they can. To confirm this, they should read the order note that contains information of name, address, number of order and items ordered. The other group makes confirmation on the accuracy of the order.
8.    If you have extra time, change role.

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