• HI 1 Lesson 1 - Pity the Procrastinator!

    Submitted by: Virdian Sefrizal

    The lesson is about being a procrastinator and the effects of procrastination to someone's life.
    • To begin the lesson, the teacher shows a video related to a procrastinating habit. I've found a video that suits my purpose. The video is an episode of "Spongebob Squarepants" TV series which is entitled "Procrastination". Here's the link to the video.

      Video courtesy of Nickelodeon
    Show the video, in order to guide students to the concept of procrastination, and then the teacher can ask students to have a discussion about the video they have seen, for example what the characters did when procrastinating and why he did so.
  • The teacher can also use a graphic organizer to help students identify the events happening in the film.
  • Have the students work together in completing the graphic organizer, and then ask them to display their findings and compare their work with that of others.
  • As an additional activity for lesson, the teacher can have a post activity using a questionnaire by which students can determine whether they are procrastinators or not.

  • "That's all!"


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