EL2 – L4 – I Played Marbles

 By Anna Dh.

-           Print the words below (in large font, visible from a distance) and paste them on different spots on the wall, if possible on the four sides of the wall.
-           Divide the class into several groups. Each group sends the first person to play.
-           Teachers give a clue for the students about the target vocabulary. For example: You need bamboo and paper to make this, then a roll of yarn and strong wind to play it. The more people, the merrier. (Answer: fly a kite).
-           The group representatives will compete to snatch the right answer from the wall. It may involve running and pushing each other, so be careful! Only one group will get the right word. If somebody gives the wrong answer, he/she must return the word to the wall.
-           Repeat procedure with the other group members.
-           The winner is the group who snatched the most cards.

Fly a Kite


Hide and Seek

Play with dolls

Play marbles

Skip rope

Play cards

Play jacks

M a n c a l a

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