I prefer going to shopping centers to online shopping because of some reasons. First, we can shop from our home if we use online shopping. We just need to use our computer and choose something we want to buy. In contrast, if we shop in the shopping centers, we must go to the shopping centers. Second, by going to shopping centers we can check the goods before we decide to buy. Whereas, we can check the goods after we receive the package if we use online shopping. If the goods are not the same with what we chose. If it happens, we must send it back to the store and wait for days until we get the right one. Third, it’s about the payment. If we go to the shopping centers, we can pay it cash or use credit card. On the other hand, if we shop in online shopping we must pay by using mobile banking or e-banking. But, using the mobile banking is not totally safe. Sometimes, online shops are fake. We must shop carefully if we shop in online shops. So, I like shopping in the shopping centers better than online shopping. Shopping in shopping centers makes me feel safe.

    Written by: ADIRIANA DINA
    Intermediate 2/ term 1/ 2012
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    1. I personally do to. I like to see the product in hand first before I buy. Thank you! Very nice! uncommon goods and unique gift ideas



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