The Negative Effects of Television

Nowadays, television becomes one of the most influencing media which takes place almost in every house. Television is a media which gives information and also serves entertainment to us. It is really beneficial, no wonder it brings many impacts to our lives. Even, for some people, it becomes their primary needs. However, television also has drawbacks. We can get devastating consequences if we spend too many hours watching television. I believe watching television too often will bring these three main negative effects to us.

First, it can change our life style. Watching television is actually an addictive activity. It makes us become lazier. Even sometimes it stimulates us to postpone important things. This can rise some adverse effects, especially to those people who have been badly addicted to watch television. Spending time watching television takes our time away from good activities like playing outside with friends, eating dinner together with family, reading, or even participating in sports, music, art, and other activities that require practice to become skillful.

Second,  it is not healthy. A study has demonstrated that spending too many hours on watching television can cause bed time disruption, short sleep duration, and even stress. When we watch television, we rarely move our body, it is also not good for health. People who watch televison too much are usually overweight. Moreover, based on a research, watching television leads to a developmental disorder in the part of the brain. People who watch television and read less will find difficulties in paying attention or concentrating.

Third, it brings bad impact to our social lives. Television usually makes people have less time to interact with others, it can make our ability to socialize decreases.  Our behavior can be affected by television, too. Television program with bad quality can promote negative behavior.  Television shows and commercials which show violence, alcohol, drug use and sex, is not proper to be seen, especially by the children, it can influence their mental.

In short, television can be detrimental to us when we watch it too much. But as long as we watch it in a normal frequency, I am sure it will be fine, instead it will bring us benefits. Technology is indeed like a coin. It has two sides, good one, and bad one. It gives us advantages, but it also gives disadvantages . As a human, what we have to do is use it for a good purpose and manage it well. 

Written by: Selma Elvitarani
HI3/ Term 1 / 2012


  1. television has many positive effects and negative effects. to create a useful TV optimally, we should be able to sort out which events are worthy and qualified for our family and we watch.

    Farhan Gilang P. ET 6.

  2. Beside having many advantages, television also has some bad effects. Beside the bad effects that have been mentioned above, there was a research that found television can cause hiperactivity and speech delay in children. So that, it must be paid attention about the pattern and duration of watching television, especially in the children because it influences their healthy so much.

    Dini Safitri Z., CV 5