To: Woo young
From: Prima

Hi, friend, how are you? I hope you and your family are in good condition, oppa. I will tell you about my last school holiday. I spend my school holiday in Catania coast, Italy. You know the trip? It was a complete disaster.

Woo Young ssi, my family and I went to Catania coast, Italy. First, I felt happy. It’s my first time to visit Catania coast since I moved here from Seoul. My family and I tried to visit special places such as Catania coast, Vatican. When I arrived there, I met our elementary school friend, Suzy. Now she grew up and beautiful. Suzy said to me if in this month, the coast would be windy. When we arrived in the hotel, Oh my God, the hotel was like Incheon market. There were so many people stuck. When we asked them, they had the same answer. They wanted to go to Catania coast. But, the people around the coast didn’t permit them because according to the villagers’ opinion, tomorrow there would be a big storm. My dad decided to sleep in the hotel. But my mom realized that the hotel was full. The people who arrived first had reserved the room. Manager of the hotel said that my family could sleep in the hotel. But 3 days later, oh, God, I became crazy that I’d better go home to Rome.

Okay, thanks for reading my letter. Maybe you want to laugh after reading this. Hey, when will you visit me? I miss you, my best friend. I’m waiting for your reply.

ET 6/ term 1/ 2012

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