TERM 4/2011 in a nutshell

Hi, welcome to the first edition of LBPP LIA CANDI wall bulletin. This bulletin will inform you about things going on in our beloved LIA which you need to know as student. The last term of 2011 was filled with many events. We started from the students.

Students’ Events
Started in October, this term fulfilled with many students’ programs:

1.       Students’ Competition
Students’ Competition this year was held to comemmorate LIA’s anniversary. We had 2 kinds of competition, the Photo Story and Spelling Bee Contest. The Photo Story was a contest about catching a certain object to be your source of photo and story, as a picture tells a thousand words, thus creativity is all it takes to join this contest. This contest was held to promote our new E-learning program: Photography Show and Tell Club on Facebook. Add “Pstc Lia Candi” if you want to learn English outside classroom by sharing pictures, stories or giving comments. The Photo Story Competition won by Maria Anindita W, CV 5 student as the first winner- classroom fun game story, then Bonita Rahadiyanti with her famous ghost story and Elsa Kurnia Sustianawati with her classroom activity story .

The Spelling Bee contest was held for EC students. They were very enthusiastic with the contest. The winners for EC 1,2,3 level are: Vania Marsha Ratna Shobirah and Naura Nabila Pamursita. For EC 4,5,6, the winners are: Kamilia Putri and Gelora Sekar Tanjung

Congratulations to the winners!

1.       Field trip to Sam Poo Kong
Field trip to Sam Poo Kong  was for ET 6 students (Mr Indra’s Class F-S 5-7). We went to Sam Poo Kong on December 3rd, 2011 in the evening and you can check the story on the wall magazine – the participants have written down their experience attractively there! J

1.       Visiting Riyadlus Sholihin orphanage

Our H-In 3 class students really understand that actions speak louder than words. Thus, after the lesson about philanthropy activity, they raised funds and things to be donated to Riyadlus Sholihin orphanage in Gunung Pati. We collected about Rp. 1.000.000,- from students of 5-7 Tuesday Thursday and teachers. We thank you very much for your participation in this social activity.

Teachers’ Events

1.       Bondo beach outbond

Starting this term with enthusiasm and spirit, we held a teachers’ outbond to Bondo Beach, Jepara. The objectives of this program are to tie a firm relationship between teachers so a good teamwork could be built, besides to share games to be applied in the classroom. We surely had fun. 

1.       TEFLIN International Seminar

TEFLIN international (The association of Teachers of English as Foreign Language in Indonesia) seminar was held in IKIP PGRI Semarang. LBPP LIA Semarang Candi sent 3 presenters to the seminar. Mr. Virdian Sefrizal, Ms. Irene Indriasari and Ms Nina Septina who conducted a reasearch in collaboration with Professor Eric H. Bray, PhD from Yokkaichi University – Japan.

1.       3. Backpack Workshop
The teachers of EC; Ms Santi, Ms Tari, Mr. Budi and Ms. attended a one day seminar with David Kaye, the writer of Back Pack book series for EC students. The seminar was held in Jogja.

Reported by: Ms. Ireme Indriasari

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