Pyramid Game

This game is a kind of guessing game and can be applied for any level. I usually use it to review the lessons; vocabulary, expressions and grammar. Based on my experience, the students are enthusiastic to do this game because it is fun, yet challenging for them. Furthermore, teachers only need to do simple preparations.  
by Ms. Dyah Yustama

1.       Prepare the vocabularies or expressions or grammar that will be reviewed.
2.       Draw a triangle on the board and divide the triangle into several small shapes, for example 10 small shapes.
3.       Write number 1-10 on the triangle.

4.       Set the time and score for each level, for example for the first level students will get 45 seconds to give clues or explain to their friend who sits on the chair in the middle/ in front of the class; and the score for the first level is 25. 

How to do:
1.       Divide the students into several groups.
2.       Choose the first, second, third person, etc., in each group and the first, second, third group, etc.
3.       Choose one student from the first group to sit on a chair in the middle/in front of the class. The student must face his/ her group and must not look at the whiteboard.
4.       Ask the group to choose one number from the triangle.
5.       Tell or write the word for the group. Set the time based on the level of the number chosen.
6.       The student who sits on the chair in front of the class must try to guess the word or expression based on his/her friends’ clues.

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