My family and I were planning to go to Medan for a quite long time. We hadn’t visited my grandparents in Medan for about two and a half year, so we finally had our chance to to meet them last Lebaran holiday. About three days beore, we got there. We went to Jakarta first by car. It took almost twelve hours to get there and when we arrived in Jakarta, it was midnight and we had to catch our morning flight, so we barely had time to sleep well.

The next morning we were in a rush to get to the airport early. My mom yelled at me to wake up and my brother was being yelled louder because he was such a heavy sleeper. That morning was quite chaotic. My mom cooked us breakfast but turned out my cousin ate it. I was hungry on the way to the airport. When we were about to get into the car, I quickly put on my flats, and when I took my first step, one of my flats was broken. So I quickly took my cousin’s shoes and borrowed them. After we all got in the car and half way to the airport, my mother forgot something so we had to go back. We took the missing thing, and it turned out it was some food for my grandmother in Medan. Then we rushed again to the airport. Luckily, the street was not so crowded that morning.

Soon, after we got to the airport, my cousings, my aunt and my uncle dropped us off in terminal A (I think). We were so glad we were finally in the airport on time. Unfortunately, my uncle dropped us off in the wrong terminal, so we had to walk to the right one. And we got to rush to the airplane because we were about too late.

It was crazy. I never had to go to such crazy complicated experience only to get to Medan. It was chaotic and I was starving along the flight. Thank God, we arrived in Medan safely. After that we went to eat and finally my stomach was filled with something. It was indeed unforgettable.

Written by Asfarina Febriarti
Hi 2/ Term 4/ 2011

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