• My Unforgettable Moment

                One day during my junior high school day, I remembered one of my embarrassing moments. It happened when I was 8th grade. Because I was a naughty girl, I liked to interrupt my friend. Sometimes they forgave me, sometimes they were angry with me, sometimes they joined me to interrupt the others.
                After break time, I moved to English class. My school had a moving class program. In English class’s computer there are a lot of games, songs, and video. When our teacher didn’t come, we had free time and we would play a game in that computer. I didn’t really like game. So, I decided to gossip with my friend. But I saw my friend. Dina. She really focused on her game. She tried to finish the last level of that game. I still remembered the name of the game, Plant versus Zombie.
                Suddenly, my naughty idea came. I sat in the computer table. I blocked the monitor. Dina yelled at me. I was happy she became angry. But suddenly, the glass of computer table cracked and then broke because it wasn’t enough to prop my weight. We’re shocked. Then we laughed until our tears dropped. All of people in the class came closer to me. Then they laughed too because of that problem.
                The bell rang. We didn’t know what we must do. We were still in that class for the next lesson, so we cleaned that broken glass. There was no break time. Anit, Shera, Gita, Novi, and Dian prohibited Ms. Erna on stairs, Dina, Chelsea, Nimas, Dita and I  cleaned the glass. And the other students helped us too. Chelsea and Nimas searched for broom and we collected the piece of glass. Anit still talked to Ms. Erna. They talked about anything. Ms. Erna didn’t know Anit prohibited her not to enter the class. We finished to clean the class. It took us five minutes to do it. Then we gave code to Anit that we finished. I hoped Ms. Erna didn’t know that the glass of computer table was gone.
                Ms. Erna was teaching us. She didn’t suspect anything. We felt relieved. But suddenly, Ms. Erna squatted. She realized there was a lot of powder of glass. She said, “Be careful girls, there is a lot of powder of glass.” And she continued to teach us. She still didn’t know the glass in computer table was lost. All of my friends starred at me. We tried not to laugh. What a funny day it was. iipsmiley

    Created by : Izzatul Alifah Sifai
    Level : HI 2

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    1. The article which created by Izzatul Alifah Sifai is very interesting and I like it so much. I think all of us have many unforgettable and embarrassing experiences in our life with family or friends, like your experience.

      Your experience is wonderful. I think you are smart and genius person who can face many problems, like the broken glass of computer table’s incident. You could handle it well with your friends. That’s nice!

      But, I think you must tell the truth to your English teacher, Ms. Erna, because she will be know latter. Its better tell her than lie. You must responsible with that broken glass too because it is school’s table, not yours.

      That’s my opinion and advice for your experience. I hope you can receive it well. Thank you. :D

      Caecilia Westi S. W.



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