For more than a decade LBPPLIA Semarang Candi teachers have dedicated their hearts to teach.  However, it was the very first time for the teachers to get this unforgettable outbound. Having trips is a regular bonus for all employees every two years. But, having outbound Is something has been discussed for all the years. The more stories about a certain company had an outbound, the more yearning all the employees are. Therefore, the last outbound was really something has been longing for. It’s worth waiting and preparing the things, though.

    A few days before the D day, some teachers gathered to discuss what things to prepare, to bring and things needed on the D day. The concept was like a sharing program, a regular program held to share techniques in teaching in a term. There were some teachers who got their turn to share. Besides sharing program, there would be programs which aimed to make all teachers more understand one another, the bond among teachers would be tighter, and most of all must be fun and thrilling.

    The day finally came. Sunday early morning at 5. AM, 18 teachers gathered in front of the office. Two cars were available to take them to Bondo beach, Jepara, two hour trip from Semarang. They looked enthusiastic and thrilled for the day. Going without family and children nagging them really made them feel free. Right before the departure, they gathered to pray for the bright day, for the security along the program and for the success of the program.

    8.30 AM. Finally they arrived in Bondo beach, a serene, clean and awesome beach. Some teachers looked impatient to plunge into the beach. Some others were busy putting sun block lotion, afraid of being too tanned while the committee readied the programs. The first program was exercise. Mr. Ray Naibaho, one of the teachers is a certified trainer for beach activities. He was responsible to conduct the exercise. With some witty instructions, he asked all teachers to stand in 2 rows. He gave instructions and some words to chant while doing the exercise. Here is the chant:

    I exercise
    It’s good for me
    It makes me strong
    As you can see

    I touch my knees
    I touch my toes
    I reach up high
    Then I will grow

    I lift my legs
    I run in place
    I put a smile
    Above my face

    Nobody could not stand laughing. Everybody was willing to do whatever the instructor asked them to do. They felt like kids doing exercise. Heat was not a real problem while doing the fun things.
    Cool instructor with cool members

    The next thing to do was oath. All participants must have the oath to have fair game, whatever the activity was, they had to do whatever they were asked to do. After oath, another game was ready, blind man. 3 people were blind folded to get members for the next game that is passing the marble. Participants were put in 3 groups. They stood in a row with one spoon on their mouth. They had to pass the marble from one spoon to another. The fastest group would be the winner.

    Sooo romantic 
    Sharing techniques was the next thing to do. 4 teachers shared their techniques in teaching; Ms. Lala, Ms. Esty, Mr. Anto and Ms. Nina. Ms. Lala shared a technique of playing bowling in the class. The activity can be to check students’ understanding in  a certain reading, to form a sentence from given phrases or a review. Ms. Esty shared a game of truth or dare. Some teachers had to reveal something about themselves and take a challenge to act in a music clip. Mr. Anto shared a technique for motivating strategy, ‘Do you like a cup of tea’? The last teacher to share was Ms. Nina. She shared a Seven Up game.

    Bowling Game

    Seven Up Game

    Some techniques of teaching were done in the beach. The warm water and soft sand really made them relaxed. In wet condition, the participants were to welcome the next game, reaching the flag. The three groups gathered again this time. Three members for each group had to put on blind fold. With one assistant, they had to reach the flag, put about 5 meters from the shore. The assistants could give instructions and directions in 3 different languages; English, Bahasa and Javanese. It was so thrilling that some of them ran to get to the flag, forgetting that they were blind folded.
    Get ready for Reaching the Flag

    The next game was to measure personal faith in one another. One participant stood in the middle of a circle, two or three others would be ready supporting him/ her when he or she fell down. It’s called Catch Me if you must. The one who stammered in falling his/ her body showed that he/ she didn’t have a faith in his/ her friends who supported him/ her. Laughter, screaming of thrill filled the air.

    Here was the last game played on the day. Originally, the game was adapted to Ranking Satu, a popular game on TV, but then, it seemed impossible to do since all participants were soaking wet. That’s why, Single Out was applied in the game. All teachers sat down on one line. Some trivia questions about their colleagues were the questions for Single Out game. Funny, simple, unpredictable, a bit gossiping questions were on the list. Some teachers who knew the answers were eager to answer, one or two of them didn’t raise their hands since they didn’t really update news and gossips in the office. The winner was called as the gossiper of all. Hahahahaha… the award went to Mr. Rizal. Congratulations.

    It was 11.30 when all activities were done. It was hard to say goodbye to the greenish blue beach, the warmth of the water and purely white sand. But, the heat would absolutely sap the energy soon. The next thing to do for the teachers was standing in line to have a shower. There was only one public bath room. Well, to save time, everyone was willing to share the bath room, 5-6 people in one.

    After shower, having lunch was the next agenda. Boxes of lunch were ready from Semarang. Therefore, it was not a big problem not to have restaurant near by the beach. This outbound would be more fun by having lunch outside. The choice was having lunch in a forest. The forest is located alongside the road to Bondo beach. Chat, giggles, and the sound of feeling hot of the chili filled the air. It was a hot day, even in the forest, but the thrill of togetherness conquered all.

    Lunch under the trees in the forest

    On the way home, there were two places to drop by; the center of wooden furniture and jewelry shop, specialized in steel. In this shop, the last but not least program was held, that was exchanging gift. Everyone got a gift which could be used for teaching aids. It’s a great thing to start a new term. Well, this term 4 of 2011 must be welcomed with full enthusiasm and spirit.
    The last photo session of the day

    Looking forward to having another thrilling outbound, folks.

    Written by: Ms. Lala


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