• The Cause and Effect Scrap Paper Game

    by Anna Dhadhiati

    IN1 – L6 – The Cause and Effect Scrap Paper Game

    You will need:
    -          Scrap paper
    -          Students

    Time: 10 – 15 minutes depending on students’ competence.

    How to do it:
    1.       Explain about adverbial clause of reason and how to use ‘because’ and ‘since’. Review subordinate conjunction like ‘so that’ to support their practice in differentiating between cause and effect, and then constructing good reason/argument.
    2.       Give everyone 4 pieces of scrap paper.
    3.       Ask everyone to write a simple sentence on each piece of paper. It can be any simple sentence or things determined by the teacher, like writing about something happy, something sad, something ridiculous, fearful, embarrassing, etc.
    4.       Mix the paper in a box.
    5.       Everyone takes 4 pieces of the sentences at random.

    6.       Sit in pairs. Player 1 challenges Player 2.
    P1: “Cause or Effect?”
    P2: (choosing) “Effect”
    P1 picks one of her strips of paper and reads the sentence, for example:
    ‘I cannot stop laughing.’
    Each sentence can be a Cause or an Effect.
    P2 must use the sentence to create a new one that agrees with her choice as an Effect. For example:
    ‘He is so funny so that I cannot stop laughing.’
    If P2 chooses ‘Cause’ instead, she must use the first sentence as a Cause. For example:
           ‘I fall over the chair because I cannot stop laughing.’ Or
           ‘Because I cannot stop laughing, I roll on the floor.’
    You may want to explain how to use comma if you put ‘because’ in the beginning of the sentence.
    7.       P1 must tell whether P2’s new sentence is correct in reasoning or not. If it is correct, P1 gives the paper to P2.
    8.       Repeat procedure as they exchange turns.
    9.       The goal of the players is to create as many correct sentences as they can, which is shown by collecting as many paper strips as they can.
    10.   Variation: With odd number of students, teacher can put them into groups of 3, where both P2 and P3 try to produce new sentences. P1 can give the paper strip to the one with the best answer.


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