• It's Not The Same as I Thought

    This story happened when I joined one of the non government organizations which are concerned on wildlife conservation. I didn’t know that sometimes the wild animals were not as great as their names. The trouble came when the organization asked me to help to taken care some wild animals at home. I’d only know the phylum of the animals is reptile and I’m green in reptile when at first I joined the organization.

    The organizations called me up to confirm how many reptiles that I wanted to taken care and I answered six couples of reptile. In the next day they sent the list of the turtle that they asked I wanted to take care of. I read the list and a little bit surprised. In the list, I read one of the most dangerous reptiles in the world. I saw an African flame lizard in my list and it made me totally blue in the face because when I was looking for the information for African flame lizard, they said that it was the most dangerous lizard in the world. They also gave me some explanation that this lizard is one of the most aggressive lizards in the world. I wasn’t ready for this duty. But when I told my fellows who had same job with me, they actually turned green with envy and told me that I was lucky. In my opinion they told lies to me, how come I became a lucky person if I lived with dangerous animals for several months. At least, I got a conclusion that they were telling me white lies to cheer me up in this duty.

    After several days, I think it was a good chance to me to take care of these lizards for several months because it was once in the blue moon experience for me. I’d been worried about how dangerous and aggressive this lizard when I fed it and it made me became paranoid and turn me to be a yellow streak person. Finally the red penciled days came, the member of the organization who wanted to deliver the reptile came to my home and they gave the packages to me. I was panic when they opened the last package because it was the lizard that I’d worried about. But every cloud has silver lining after they opened the package and put the box out from the case, they teach me how to taken care the lizard and how to play safely with this lizard even I didn’t wear the safety gear. It made me in the pink because I could not only take care of this rare lizard but also play safely with the lizard safely because they teach me how to deal with it.

    Written by: Ragil Adhi
    HI2/ Term 3-2011

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    1. Gubrak!...that's very embarassing wkwkwkwk ^_^



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