• Listening Journey

     Indah Sugestiningrum

    Minimum level: elementary
    Game type: a listen and respond game for the whole class
    Approximate time: 15 minute

    -          Give a copy of the map for each other of the class.

    -          Read a short text to the whole class

    Conducting the game
    -          Give each student a map. Point out that each of the numbered junctions, there is a choice of turning up or down.
    -          Explain that you will read a text for them and ask them to listen carefully.
    -          Give a question to students and ask them to select T or F based on the text read for them previously.
    -          Ask students to turn upward when the statement is T and go downward when it is F.
    -          Repeat the same thing until the 5th question.
    -          Ask ss to circle/mark the city

    One example of Listening Journey

    TP 2

    1. +      : Gee, it is already 8:15? Sorry I am late.
         -      : That is OK. You are just 15’ late.
        #      : What time had the man & the woman probably agreed to meet?
    A.    8:00
    B.     8:30

    2. +      : It is a great bag. How much did you have to pay for this beautiful one?
        -       : It is only 11 dollars, included the 10% tax.
       #       : How much is the price for the bag?
    A.    $ 10
    B.     $ 11

    3. +      : Can you tell me when the departure of this train is?
         -      : 9:00. It is now still 2 hours to go.
       #       : What time is it now?
    A.    7:00
    B.     11:00

    4. +      : How many children are there in your family, Jack?
        -       : I have one brother & two sisters.
        #      : How many children do his parents have?
    A.    3
    B.     4

    5. +      : How much is this watch?
        -       : It’s 100 dollars. However, you will get 25% off.
        #      : How much is the watch?
    A.    25 dollars
    B.     75 dollars

     The answer is: YK

    6.  +     : Can I have two tickets for LP please. How much is it all together?
         -      : It’s 30 thousand rupiah, Sir.
         #     : How much is the price of each ticket?
    A.    Rp. 15,000
    B.     Rp. 30,000

    7.  +     : To all visitors of PERWIL, We will be closing at 6:00 P.M. Please make sure you will not leave your properties.
          -     : Hei, I thought the library would be closing at 7:00. Gosh, I still have an hour to go.
         #     : What time is it now?
    A.    5
    B.     7

    8.  +     : Hei, I bought a kg of apples & put them in the fridge and now they are gone.
         -      : Don’t get upset, Mom took half of them. She’ll return yours soon.
         #     : How many apples are in the fridge now?
    A.    1 kg
    B.     0,5 kg

    9.  +     : Excuse me, can you tell me how many students are there in your class?
         -        : There are fifty. However, half of them are absent.
         #     : How many students are in the class now?
    A.    50
    B.     25

    10. +    : The ticket for the zoo on weekdays is Rp. 5,000 but on weekends it’ll be twice much more expensive.
          -     : Ok, get me two for this Sunday please.
          #    : How much does the man have to pay?
    A.    Rp. 10,000
    B.     Rp. 20,000
    The answer is: Palembang

  • 1 comment:

    1. I once used this activity in my class with different topic, that is about Present and past participle. The students were to listen to me reading sentences while exploring the map. If the answer is present particple, they have to go UP, and if the answer is past participle, they have to go DOWN. The following here is the examples of the activity

      1. His story was really (interest).
      2. We are (confuse). The directions aren’t clear.
      3. The seminar is (bore).
      4. The concert was (disappoint).
      5. I was (fascinate) by the scenery
      You get to Madura

      1. You got a very bad score. That’s disappointed.
      2. The film is frightened.
      3. He’s easily annoyed by small problems.
      4. Don’t disturb me. You’re irritated.
      5. I’m attracted to that beautiful girl.
      You get to Palembang

      It is a really fun activity



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