• Conditional Sentence Type 1

    Conditional 1
    Often called the "real" conditional because it is used for real - or possible - situations.
    These situations take place if a certain condition is met.
    In the conditional 1 we often use unless which means 'if ... not'. In other words, '...unless he hurries up.' could also be written, '...if he doesn't hurry up.'.
    If it rains, we will stay at home.
    He will arrive late unless he hurries up.
    Peter will buy a new car, if he gets his raise.
    Conditional 1 is formed by the use of the present simple in the if clause followed by a comma will verb (base form) in the result clause. You can also put the result clause first without using a comma between the clauses.
    If he finishes on time, we will go to the movies.
    We will go to the movies if he finishes on time.

    Exercises on Conditional Sentences Type 1

    Some friends are planning a party. Everybody wants to party, but nobody's really keen on preparing and organising the party. So everybody comes up with a few conditions, just to make sure that the others will also do something.

    Complete the Conditional Sentences Type I.

    1. If Caroline and Sue the salad, Phil the house.
    2. If Sue the onions for the salad, Caroline the mushrooms.
    3. Jane the sitting room if Aaron and Tim the furniture.
    4. If Bob up the kitchen, Anita the toilet.
    5. Elaine the drinks if somebody her carry the bottles.
    6. If Alan and Rebecca the food, Mary and Conor the sandwiches.
    7. If Bob after the barbecue, Sue the guests in.
    8. Frank the DJ if the others along their CDs.
    9. Alan the drinks if Jane him some of her cocktail recipes.
    10. If they all their best, the party great.

    for more exercise on this lesson, click the following link: more exercises.

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