• Money Can Buy a Bed, but Not Sleep

                In this modern life, most of the people think that money is of immense value. Money has the capability to buy exclusive or gorgeous item. Money can buy any goods, for people to do the trick for everyday. So, everybody needs money to survive. However, I personally think that money cannot buy anything and everything. The comfortable lives can’t be counted by money. It is relative from each person’s side. Although money can buy some bed, but money can’t buy our sleep. It means that money can buy some items, but it can’t buy the comfortable feeling or the happiness of the owner.

                An example of a person who doesn’t have enough sleep in the world is “the president”, the head of some a country. Definitely, all of the presidents in the world lived in the big houses and kept guarded by an army. They also have good bed for their sleep. The President usually get a big salary. However, having tons of money is no cast-iron guarantee for their dreamless. People talk about the numerous Presidential vacations. But realize that these aren’t vacations like you and I take where we leave out jobs behind and do nothing but relax. We know that the president have many problems that must be solved in the government. President always gets full of schedule everyday. Its makes him or her busy, so they he/she hasn’t got enough time for rest. They only get a few minutes for sleep. I think it is not good sleep, because they keep thinking how to solve the problems and make welfare state.[MN1] 

    Presidents spend most of their time reading briefs and papers so they can make be informed to make decisions. To this end they are surrounded by experts who can explain complex situations and make recommendations. For example, in our country SBY only get a few hours every day for sleep. Many problems in Indonesia make him busy. There are corruption, disaster, poverty and so many problems in our country. Despite having a lot of money, I think the president can’t get a sound sleep every night. Most of his time is used for work very long days, with almost no time off. Literally every minute of the day is scheduled, with constant meetings and briefings. Even in the residence, there are briefing papers, calls, and as always, an emergency somewhere in the world can force the President to be awake.

    The other examples is the successful businessmen with big earnings, but economize in every way possible; those businessmen who never donate to charity and always find the way to keep their riches. As the rich man, maybe he has a good bed, but it is uncertain he has a sound sleep if they are always afraid of losing their money.

    Therefore, having a lot of money is no guarantee for bliss and satisfaction. With money, someone can purchase the tools for sleep, but not the real sleep with comfortable. Not only it needs money to buy a bed, but also it needs something else like good situation and condition to get a good sleep.

    Written by : Amira Khairunissa
     Intermediate- 4/ term 1/ 2011

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    1. you are right, about function money. But, if god change the function of money from money only can buy things become money can buy everything, it will make crazy people. But, god have have a plan unknown and I think this articel suitable for coruptor. Because, I think this articel make them realize what have they done. I think that is all my comment.

      (by fathoni)



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