• Our Dream School

    This is our group’s dream school. There are five buildings in the school area. They are security post, cafeteria, main building, sport building and recreation building.

    Now, let me describe the buildings. The security building is the first building next to the entrance. It consists of one floor. The left side is a large yard, to play football.

    Next ti the security post is the sport building. It consists of two floors. There is an indoor swimming pool and on the second floor there is an indoor basketball court.

    Nest to the sport building is the students’ favorite building. It’s the recreation building. In this building, there are four big rooms. There’s a mini movie theater, a music room, a game station and

    a library with free internet service. We usually come to this building during recess or after school. Next, we have a cozy air conditioned-cafeteria where there’s music. The cafeteria sells delicious dishes like meatball mie ayam/ chicken noodles, taco, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and others. It also sells many kinds of drinks like fruit juice, milk shake and soft drinks.

    The last building is the main building. It consists of three floors. On the first floor there is a teacher’s room and the principal’s office. The classrooms are on the second and third floors.

    We go to school from Monday to Thursday from 9 AM to 12 PM. On Thursday, we do our extracurricular activities like sport, drama, photography, etc. on Saturday. We sometimes have a school trip or a picnic.

    written and presented by:

    Sania Khairunnisa, Zulfa Amalia, Elisabeth Lalita, Jagad A.W, Dikha

    Our Dream School

    Good afternoon, my friends. Let me introduce our dream school. There are two buildings in the school area. They are main building and sport building.

    Our main building consists of twenty five classes, laboratories, teacher’s room, principal office, library mysuc room, corridor restrooms, and OSIS room.

    Our sport building consists of two floors. On the first floor, there is a large swimming pool, on the second floor there are gym and mini canteen.

    We also have beautiful park with fish pond. There’s also a parking lot.

    We go to school from Monday until Thursday at 8. 00 AM – 1. 00 PM. On Monday, we study art, social and science. On Tuesday, we study sport, math and English. On Wednesday, we study ICT and psychology. On Thursday, we study math, English and science. Friday and Saturday we have free classes. On Friday we can play game and watch movie. On Saturday, we go picnic by bus.

    Written and presented by: Gicelle, Surya, Tata and Caca

    ET4 Fri_Sat 17-19

    Term 4/ 2010


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