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    A Trip to Lombok Island

    At my school holiday last year,
    my family and I went to Lombok Island. It was funny and interesting.

    We arrived to airport at Ampenan, the name of airport is Selaparang. Mataram is hot. The next day, my family and I went to Senggigi beach. Senggigi beach is a beach in Mataram city. I played sand. With my brothers, I also played banana boat. My mother and my father just stayed in small cafe near the beach.

    On the third day, we went to Lembar. Lembar is a harbour. We entered the boat to Gili Trawangan island. To go to Gili Trawangan, it spent almost 30 minutes. At the Gili Trawangan island, we rented googles, and a tool to snorkeling. The wave was so big. But,I like it. I did snorkeling until the center of sea.

    Next day, we went to Sade village. Sade village is a Sasak village. Sasak is a race/clan from Lombok. Sade village is large. The human/resident's houses are almost same.We arounded that village with the leader of village.We bought a beautiful songket for souvenir. After that, we went to Selaparang airport. We went back to Semarang.

    So, it was so fun, interesting and unforgetable.

    Nungky Ramadiany Star 2/ET.6/ Term 3/ 2010

    On January 17 2010,
    my classmates and I went to Jakarta. We went by bus. It was very fun. We stayed there for two days.
    First day we
    left from school at 3 pm and arrived at there an hour a night. During the journey, we saw many beautiful scenery. Arrived at Jakarta, we checked in at hotel and we also directly resting. Next day we went to Dufan. In Dufan, we played various games. We also played 'rafting' and it made our clothes
    become wet.
    But it made us happy. From the Dufan, we went to TMII. We saw many culture there. On the third day, we checked out in the hotel. We went back to school at 9 pm and arrived at Semarang at 12 am.
    So,during our visit there
    . we were very happy because we bought many souvenir.

    Slide bars:-must be careful with your properties like your HP and wallet
    -must be careful with pick pocket

    Name : Wida Aldilla
    Level : ET-6/ Term 3/ 2010

    A visit to Yogyakarta

    I spent my last school holiday with my family in Yogyakarta. During our two days trip, all members of my family had a nice time. Our interesting adventure began after we prepared the things for to bring at Yogyakarta. We went to Yogyakarta by car. At the car my sister listen to music and I just sleept in the car.

    At the first day we went to Borobudur Temple. From the gate until the Temple is so far but it was fun in Borobudur Temple, at the top of Temple I saw the scenery, the scenery is very amazing. And I looked some relief and sculpture in Borobudur Temple. After from Borobudur Temple, we visited my grandma.

    really long for my grandma, we took rest at my grandma’s house. The second day, we went to Malioboro, in the Malioboro my sister bought some accessoris and Dagadu T-shirt. My mother bought batik Yogyakarta, because my mother like batik. After that we went back to my grandma house. Before going back to Semarang , we bought some souvenir.

    Side bars : You must buy Dagadu T-shirt, bakpia, gudeg at the Yogyakarta.

    Name: Laurensius Chandra Setiawan
    Class: ET-6/ Term 3/ 2010


    On January , 2010 I spent my last holiday with my family in Suramadu bridge . may be Suramadu bridge is the long bridge in Indonesian , but it offers visitors so much to see and expirience . It was our first visit to Suramadu bridge ,we were very excited abaut the trip ,had great time .
    at first day we checked in at the hotel , and then we break , after break we have lunch with fried chicken . Then ,i and my family went to Suramadu bridge and i saw beautiful beach , many ship and etc. after we view Suramadu bridge i went back to hotel ad break , finaly i check out of the hotel and back to Semarang .

    So , it was interesting and happy
    side bar :info Suramadu bridge

    by. :M.Afrizal Arsyad


    Last holiday my family and I went to jakarta and jogja. We went by plane. I think our holiday is wonderful

    First we went to jakarta. In Jakarta I met my relatives, and visited some places. First day at jakarta I played ice skating at mall taman anggrek, the temperature was very cold, I think it’s very difficult to play that, but not long time I got the tips to play ice skating. Second day I went to kidzania. At kidzania, we worked like our parent, example: police, doctor, pilot, etc

    Second trip we went to jogja. In jogja I just went to malioboro, at malioboro we went shopping some clothes, shoes, sandal, accessories, toys, etc.

    So, I think the trip was wonderful .


    · Playing ice skating is like playing rollerblade

    · If you go to Jakarta you can try playing at kidzania

    · At malioboro you must watch out

    Naufaldy Rexanaji

    Going to Yogya

    My name is Dwiky, I want to tell you about my vacation with my class mate in Yogya. First I prepared for the vacation, second I went to yogya. We were very happy, First, we visited in the Borobudur, second in Keraton, third in Taman Pintar and fourth in Malioboro.

    First, we visited the Borobudur temple, in Borobudur we took a picture. After taking a picture we had a break in Borobudur. After that, we went back in the bus. Second, we visited in keraton many pictures. After that, we looked at a picture, we went back to bus to go to taman pintar. In Taman Pintar the clock was in the after noon. And then, we went to pray Ashar. After praying Ashar, we went to taman pintar. In Taman Pintar many games, but the games for study. After we played, we went to Malioboro. In Malioboro, we bought souvenir for my family. I bought t-shirt. After shopping, we ate in Malioboro. After eating, we went back to Semarang

    Dwiki darmawan

    Vacation around Jakarta

    Last holiday, my family and I went to Jakarta. We went there by train. We were very excited about the holiday. During our one day trip, we had a great time. After we arrived there, we went to my aunt's house. First, we visited "Bundaran H.I" at 1 p.m. In there, we took a picture. After we visited "Bundaran H.I", we visited TMII. In there, we saw a movie in "Keong Emas". After we saw a movie, we looked the kind of animals.
    Second, we visited Ancol. In there, we swam, entered Gelanggang Samudra and we took a picture. I love Ancol.
    It was
    hard to say goodbye with Jakarta. We had wonderful time.

    Do's and Don'ts while in TMII and Bundaran H.I
    - We mustn't g
    ive any foods to animals
    - We can enjoy movie
    - We mustn't sw
    im in Bundaran H.I

    Anna Rahmatias

    Holiday in Jakarta

    Last holiday my family and i went to jakarta.We went to jakarta by car. During our one da trip all members of my family my ister , my father and my mother. We were very excited about the trip.
    After we arrived there . we went to PIM (pondok indah mall) There my family and i went shopping. After that my family and i went to my mother's friend . there we take a rest . my mother talked to her friend. my father talked with my mother's friend husband. at 4 pm we went to keong mas . we saw movie there.
    And then we bought some souvenir. At 6 pm, we went to Ancol. we played game there. We
    saw atraction of animal. At 8 pm
    , my family and i went to restaurant. At 9 pm my family and I went back home. it was so exciting

    do's and dont's in Jakarta
    we must be careful because pickpocket is everywhere

    ET 6


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