• How To Reach an Excellent TQQ Score

    This is a/ an (anecdotal) manual how to reach an excellent TQQ (Teacher Quality Questionnaire) score....nah...it's just a compilation of jokes, although some of them have been practiced in the classroom :D, discussed and shared in the teacher room. So this is what I really mean just for laugh.

    1. You should know when the TQQ will be held. As a wise AOO said "If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail". Therefore in the respected term, you should be very nice to your students. Don't forget: 3 S-es: Smile, Say Greetings, Small talk. :) (Senyum, salam, sapa) even to the naughtiest one. Note that you should not blow up in class, instead you can just blabber about your students' attitude with your fellow teachers who (I'm sure) have the same fate with you.

    First Golden Rule: Smiling the whole day, keeps the D away. :)

    2. For the first item, reviewing, because not all students be aware of what we say or do (physically they are with you, but mentally, who knows), therefore you should say:

    "The previous lesson is about "Giving Direction", so, let's REVIEW! Let me REVIEW the lesson.Now, I'm REVIEWING the previous lesson."

    then in the end you should say:

    "Ok, students, we have REVIEWED the lesson. I hope you understand the REVIEW. Any question about the REVIEW?" :)

    Second golden rule: Repetition is the best policy. :D

    3. Lesson objective should be conveyed. Instead of saying the objective, why don't you try the tips of some teachers by writing the objective on the board and ask the students to read aloud. :)

    Third golden rule: REVIEW the previous golden rule. :D

    4. Don't forget to give words of encouragement. :) But don't forget to let your students know.

    "Very good! I'm praising you! " :)

    5. Using audio tape player, is counted as one teaching aid...next: marker, whiteboard, cassette, and book.

    6. You should limit your talking time, this is achieved better if you have toothache. :) Remember, our words are expensive, so it's the part when we just work for one hour and get paid for two. :)

    7. Students should be aware that you give graded exercises.

    "Ok, let's do activity one. This is VERY EASY."

    "Then now activity seven. This is VERY DIFFICULT." :)

    or one tip from fellow teacher:

    (Pointing at a picture) "What is he doing? easy question, isn't it? "

    "Now, why does he do that? difficult question, huh?"

    8. Give time to your students to answer your questions.

    "Ok, students, time is up. Hmmm...what was my question?" :)

    Please remember your own question, and do not fall asleep while you are waiting. :)

    9. Using 4 different techniques:

    "Ok, let's listen to the cassette. That's ONE technique."

    "Now, Let's answer the questions. That's TWO techniques."

    "Now, please discuss with your friend. That's THREE techniques."

    "Please write down the answer on the board. That's FOUR techniques."

    Fourth golden rule: Please refer back to the third golden rule.

    10. Giving knowledge outside English. :)

    "Ok, we have studied ENGLISH grammar, now let's move on to TECHNOLOGY! "

    " Ok, I'm telling you, this is not only ENGLISH, but this is ECONOMICS."

    This is the hardest part of being LIA teacher...we should be multitalented.

    12. Please avoid to have ET students if you have TQQ in the respected term. ET students tend to be unpredictable as well as easily influenced by their mood and fellows, and also their favorite letter is D. They are also consistent enough as there is a tip in the test that if you choose one option, you should be consistent with your choice. :)

    13. One teacher even suggests to prepare for the TQQ by giving TQQ simulation. This is optional.

    Last but not least, remember that even though you receive nice TQQ comments "Please teach us again in the next level!"

    "You are the best teacher I've ever met", but D is inevitable. Therefore you should say to your students: Please do the TQQ, it's as simple as A, B , C. :)

    THANKS for reading.

    Jokes are courtesy of Mr. Rizal, Mr. Indra, Ms. Sari, Ms. Lala, Mr. Agung, Ms. Nafisa, Ms. Nina, Ms Esty, Ms. Anna and all LBPP LIA Semarang Candi teachers. :) Good luck with your TQQ, guys!

    Warning: This is all just for entertaining...no offense, please...:)

    Written by: Ms. Irene Indriasari

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