• New Label is Added

    Greetings all LIA Semarang Candi's Website readers or LIA Semarang Candi students.

    In order to accommodate students or anyone's interests in writing especially creative writing, LIA Semarang Candi's Website now makes a new label which is called "Student's Corner". Actually, LIA Semarang Candi's Website already welcomes student's piece of writing under label "Student's Journal". However, this label is meant only to those who are willing to writing in mostly expository or argumentative types of writing or to those studying in high-intermediate levels. Therefore, to facilitate all LIA Semarang Candi students or anyone who is willing to contribute his or her piece of writing to this site, "Student's Corner" label is made.

    What can you write?
    You can write any kinds of creative writing either in a form of poem, short story, etc. Your writing should be written in English. Please remember that your writing should be originally written by you.

    How can you send your writing?
    There are several ways you can do to send your work. You can send your writing by (1) leaving a comment on this posting and letting us know that you comment is you work you wish to publish, (2) sending an e-mail to lia_semarangcandi@yahoo.com, or (3) by personally submitting the hard copy or the soft copy of your writing to the teacher of LIA Semarang Candi for LIA Semarang Candi students.

    If you worry about making mistakes in your writing, please let us know that you allow us to edit your work.

    That's all for now. We look forward to receiving your work. Thanks for your attention.

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