• Attitudes = Success

    Who doesn’t want to be successful? I think everybody wants to be successful. Success will come to a person who has a good attitude. Our attitudes determine our success. Why do our attitudes determine our success? I have several reasons about it, and I will explain how important attitude is to our success.

    First, people judge us from our attitudes. People will not only judge us from our looks but also from our attitudes in out life. If you have a good attitude, people will like you. Success comes from the other people who like us. If they like us, they will help us to reach our success. Imagine if we have no friends in this world because of our attitudes, success will never come.

    Second, bad attitude will bring us to disaster. For example, we have a bad attitude like putting off to do our task. Success will never come to us. We’d better change our attitudes.

    Third, in this world, attitude means everything. If we have good attitudes like diligent, kind hard working, etc, people will love us and everything will come to us more easily.

    Last but not least, without good attitudes, a person will not be a person. What I mean here is, we must have good attitudes if we don’t want to be called as an animal. Success will come to everyone who cares each other, loves peace and likes to work hard.
    So, I think attitude is very important for our life. So, it is right if attitudes determine our success. I have explained for reasons why attitudes determine our success in the above paragraphs. That’s why, our attitudes determine our success. Change our bad habits with good ones. Success will absolutely come to us.

    1. The first thing anyone noticed when he met with others is his attitude, if we managed to get someone's attention with our attitude will be easy for us to know him more especially he is very respected. because we are going to be easy to ask for help, if we need help for a problem us.I agree a bad attitude will only bring disaster and will make yourself later.

      Should we really have to have a good attitude so that we can be successful and respected as social human beings should be able to maintain his position.

      Ramdhani Harri P
      CV 2/ Mon-Wed

    2. Who doesn’t want to be successful? I think everybody wants to be successful

      off course i wanna be a successful person !
      i believe Success will come to a person who has a good attitude.
      people mark us from our attitudes. so if you have a bad attitude, people will leaving you . your partner, your friend, your boss . they all will leaving you if you have a bad attitude.
      and bad attitude will bring us to disaster.

      but i think, beside the attitudes.
      our appearance is also important. because . in first meeting , people judge our appearance . because they don't know about our attitudes.
      so both of attitudes and appearance is important to us.

      M. Ghany I
      HI 1

    3. i agree with that statement.success is not only judged by how smart is that person and the luck of that person,but also the attitude of that person.

      it is no use if the person only relies the smartness.without a good attitude, other people will not like the person,and the person will not be succeed.

      an 'evil' attitudes, such as,putting off an important work or activity,lazy,etc. we must kill that! or we will be brought into disaster.

      Adhitya Dicky P.

    4. I agree..
      Attitudes determine our character.
      If we have a good attitude, it will create an great effort..
      They driven to think creative and always make themself innovative..
      They always try to get it and only with perseverance they can make a new thing.. an innovation..
      Because already has perseverance, effort and positive thinking it means that nothing impossible for those who want to grab their dream..
      So its exactly right that attitude is very important for our life because that determine our success in the future time..

      HI-2 / MON-WED

    5. M Hendrawan S
      HI 2 Tue-Thu

      hehey, you think that if we have good attitudes, we will be success ?

      In this country, many success people have bad attitudes.
      They do good attitudes just for money and success.
      And after they get them, they forget their good attitudes. Instead, they do the devil attitudes like gambling, free sex, corruption, etc.

      The attitudes just for the 'appearance'.
      But, in 'reality', they use their attitudes just for themselves and finnaly they forget their good attitudes.

      Do not pursuit of worldly !
      Let's change the world become better.

      Wake Up Project

    6. I agree with that opinion. Because we can't judge ourselves. All people around you is someone who will judge you. They will make a conclusion about yourselves. If you have a bda attitude, it will destroy you slowly

      Nabila Rizka H.

    7. I agree if we want to be successful we must have good attitude, because attitude can influence our habit. So, if we have good attitude, our habit will be better and the way to be successful mere close. But if we have bad habit we will destroy our life, because attitude is so important for us.

      Fanie Ardianti
      CV 3

    8. yeah...everyone wants to be success. someone who's called successful if she/he can solve her/his problem. he/she can reaches what he/she wants.

      there are many things influence someone's success.
      first,pray...pray is first thing and everything.nobody can help you to be success besides god.He will give you everything He wants. so,you have to ask to god everything ypu want by praying.

      second thing is action.moeslim people said ikhtiar.action shows how far you manage your body to be success.your strategies influense your action.one of them is attitude.
      i agree with the statement that attitude influence the success.everything you do should be based on the good attitude.your attitude determine your position in the environment.someone who have bad attitude doesn't be liked the other.so,there is no support comes to him to reach her/his dream. no one can reach something without support the other,because we are social human.

      third,leave over to god.you have done the optimum thing.you just wait for the result from your job.

      the last,sincere.
      you shold accept the result from your job.

      rizki hargiani

    9. success coveted by everyone. in general, the success gained from the effort and patience and a strong talent. a student who wants to succeed in education, be smart and study hard




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