• Overwhelming Development in Technology

    Who doesn’t know technology development? Technology development is one of effects of globalization. Many people have found about the development of technology like computer, laptop, LCD screen, touch screen phone, etc. by facing globalization, many people use and keep up this technology. But, is it important that people need to keep up with the latest technology. I don’t think so. I believe that people shall not need to keep up with the latest technology of 3 reasons.

    The first reason is because the latest technology is very expensive. We have a lot of daily needs, so it is better we use our money to keep our need than to buy a thing that is not really important. For example, we have a phone that is in a good condition we want to buy a new one because of its advanced technology, touch screen. Is it important? I don’t think so. We’d better use our money to pay our school that is more important.

    Second, the latest technology development mostly has the same function as the old one. If we buy a new one, the old one will be useless and it gives more trash in our house. For example, we buy a new computer , but the old one is till in a good condition and has the same function as the old one. It is very useless and make more trash.

    Third, technology decreases the population of living thing when this technology is made. It needs many natural resources like rubber from rubber trees. In my opinion, the decreasing of rubber trees have another effect to other population such as monkeys, squirrels, other plants, etc.

    In conclusion, we shall not need to keep up with the latest technology because it is expensive; the feature is not far different from the old one; and decrease the population of living things. So, we must consider the three reasons as above mentioned when we want to buy the latest technology.

    Written by: Rizky Gigih P

    Higher Intermediate 4/ 2010


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