• Doing Philanthropic Activities, Why Not ?

    In our beloved country, Indonesia, there was a shocking catastrophe in 2009 especially in Padang, the capital city of West Sumatera Province. The sudden disaster was a big earthquake. That natural disaster caused a huge disruption in the city. The earthquake made the people around the city lost their family, relatives, and friends. Many victims were afflicted due to natural disaster. When the big earthquake struck Padang and its surroundings in 2009, many philanthropic activities were undergone by either organizations or individuals. At that time, the government also gave charitable work which included looking after sick people, giving financial to the needy, and sending many volunteers to cheer them up. Nowadays, there are at least four things that we, as students and the government can do to boost the victims’ prosperity in their real life.

    Firstly, the government should send some volunteers to give the destitute people in Padang some educational background. The volunteers can teach the basic education for the children who can’t continue their school because of the catastrophe. If the children who are down on their luck were taught by the volunteers, they could continue their study in order to pursue their beautiful dreams. The volunteers who are also called the philanthropist hand over their knowledge to lend the children a hand .

    Secondly, the government has to build some shelters to let the victims of the earthquake bunk because their house has been disrupted by the disaster. To build the shelters there, the government can also send some voluntary workers who want to help the victims. Most Indonesians believe that The Almighty loves those who are benevolent. We believe that all our good deed, big or small, will be put in our name in the hereafter, even if the good deed was as tiny as a speck of dust.

    Thirdly, not only the government who can help the victims of the disaster, but also we, as students also can give some helps to the needy. We can help them by collecting some secondhand-clothes to the social organizations which will be distributed to the unlucky victims. Besides, we also can give some secondhand-books to the children who really want to study. The books which we give them are very salient for their life for increasing their knowledge.

    Last but not least, as students, we can give help to them by collecting some money. The money which will be given to the social organizations that will distribute to those who really need our hands. By having some money, they can buy some clothes, foods, etc. They also can save the money for the future life.

    Finally, both the government’s roles and our roles are so notable to increase the victims of the sudden disaster. We can do four things above in order to make their life better and better. In short, to show our humanity to human being, we and the government can do four things above to make their future life so brightly.

    Name : Muhammad Shiddiq Sumitro

    Level : HI-3

    Mon-Wed / 5-7 PM/ Term 2/2010


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    1. that's good idea.many indonesian people do not care that others people in troble of disasters, especially earthquakes. the goverment should be more concerned and respect to help them. i'm dissapointed because goverment too busy with their problem and not care of their people.
      name:ratnatika c.
      level: CV-3



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