• Introduction to Research Designs (Maze)

    This is actually a slide of presentation shared in a regular Academic Writing sharing program proposed by our lovely AOO, Ms. Sari in order to promote writing habit among teachers of LIA Semarang Candi, especially to an academic type of writing.

    This slide focuses on types of research designs that a researcher can apply. However, this presentation does not cover all types of research designs. There are only pre-experimental, experimental, and quasi-experimental designs discussed in this slide.

    This slide begin with a case study which a teacher of English may encounter in the classroom and she thinks she already does something good in the classroom and shares her finding with her colleagues. However, to convince people, she has to show data about her treatment.
    The slides are made in such a way that the readers will have to solve the case by going to a maze-like case riddles. In doing so, they will also learn different types of research designs and which research design that suits with their classroom or learning institution conditions.

    This slide can be either projected on a display or printed into small cards and played in a smaller group. To play these cards, all members of the group must take turn to read the cards and ask the others to decide which card to choose. The card chosen will lead them to another case and so on. When playing these cards, some of LIA Semarang Candi teachers had a small difficulty at first but it was overcome later on.

    These cards should give the readers more insight about research designs as well as tell them which design can be applied in their situation. To download the card, click the following link; research design maze.

    Thank you and that's all. Have a nice try.

    1. Yeah ! i thnk ms Sari is cool teacher , we can understand the lesson more easy with that way .
      raka ardhi - HI 1

    2. I agree because before conducting research we should make the research design fisrt. the design must be readable, and get the readers interests . The design must includes the starting data and the research purpose .
      Distya Dea Rena/EL4
      Friday-saturday 17.00-19.00

    3. thank you Ms. Lala for writing the article.
      Research for teachers is a must as they will, eventually, develop their teaching skills. In addition, it will avoid them from being burnt-out.
      Teachers should not worry about what types of research they'll do, yet, the best type is action research. Action research help teachers solve teaching as well as learning problems.
      Good luck for all...

      Sari Karmina



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