• You Can Shine

    One day there were two girls, Mimura and Minori. Minori was a deaf mute girl while Minori was an attractive girl. One day, Mimura saw a street musician that played a violin beautifully. That was an amazing performance so she admired the man and wanted to learn the violin, too. When she was in senior high school, she joined music extra curricularbut her friend, Minori in the same extra curricular felt envious to Mimura because of Mimura’s talent. Even that, Minori abused Mimura saying that she was crazy because she always tried to play violin although she was deaf. Minori also said that Mimura was wasting everyone’s time. Mimura felt sad and cried.

    The next day, she met the street musician that she admired. After finishing his performance, the man asked her with gesture if she still played violin. And then Mimura cried and asked why she was different from others. The man smiled at her and replied why she had to be like others. Music was an invisible thing. She just closed her and and she would see. Then the man gave her the violin to Mimura to practice with it.

    The next morning at school, Mimura saw an announcement about classical music contest and she wanted to join. Minori knew about that and got angry. After that Minori crashed Mimura’s violin intentionally in order that the violin be broken. But Mimura didn’t give up and still practiced the violin by following the street musician playing on the street. Minori ordered some cicilians to beat up the man and broke the violin.

    On the d-day, when the competition was held, Minori had an amazing performance. Then the host said that there would be the last performance from their last contestant. It was Mimura with her full of tapes-violin. She showed her amazing performance and her beautiful hair. All the audience was stunned with her performance and gave standing ovation for Mimura. One thing that we can learn from the story is whatever our condition is, we can shine and do the best thing for ourselves.

    Note: Inspired by:Thai pantene ad commercial

    Written by: Betha and Ajeng

    Intermediate 3/ term 2/2010


    1. In my opinion, this story gives the readers many lessons. We can improve ourself to do something above our abilities. Then, someone can do something wonderful although he/she has disability.
      Taufan Rizki
      Intermediate 3 EA

    2. that's a good story. to achieve a success is not easy and will face many challenges but we must try to get what we want and i believe with our effort we can shine like mimura in this story.
      ajeng sekar
      intermediate 3

    3. what a wonderful story...
      we can get benefit from this story...
      never underestimate others just because of her/his physical disability..

    4. In my opinion, this is an interesting and a good story . This story also gives us many moral and value to learn, that not only a perfect person can be success but also an imperfect person can reach successful. So don’t underestimating imperfect person just because the shortage they had. Because I believe that everyone has their own excess.

      Aulia Zastavia Putri
      High Intermediate 2

    5. Name : Nelly Susanti
      CV 1

      With all of weakness that we have, it shouldn't to be prevent as a problem to be winner. Because human are created by God with their strength and their weakness.
      Maybe with our strength it will make a harm to our self. And the other side with our weakness we will be a good and succes people.

    6. I agree on the article since not everyone has the talent and physicaly perfect . And we must not under-estimated others
      distya dea rena/EL4
      Friday-Saturday 17.00-19.00

    7. People have advantages and disadvantages of each. Allah always give the best to His people. we should be grateful for the grace given by God. so guys,, don't forget to always say "THANKS TO UR GOD"...

      ratnaTIKA c.

    8. That's a good story. It can motivate us to reach our success. Maybe, people have their own weakness, but it should not be an obstacle to reach our dreams. We can cover our weakness with the strength we have, like Mimura. I know we can.

      Anastasia Bethari
      intermediate 3



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