Devil : [complaining and talking to the class] You know class, I really hate my life, my friends and my teachers, they always give me assignments every weekends. You know, I have to go partying on weekends, hanging out with some friends,....[Angel swings A wand and devil mutes-suddenly]
    Angel: Ok class, do you think it is good to keep complaining? Look at her face, is it good? [angel swings her wound again on devil's mouth]
    Devil : [continues talking] ... I don't understand why it happens to me. God doesn't deserve to give this to me, I deserve to get better life, better future, better in everything.....[angel swings her wand again and make the devil silent, devil's mouth can't open]
    Devil : Hmmm, hmmm , hmmm .... [talk to angel but unclear]
    Angel : I understand that you are talkative, you can express your opinion through LCDC.
    Devil : Hmm, mmm, mmmm [responding but unclear]
    Angel : L - C - D - C
    Devil : m - m - m - m mmm mmm , mmm?
    Angel : Sorry, I didn't hear what you say
    Devil : mmm mmm mmm m-m-m-m ?
    Angel : Ups, I forgot [angel swings her wand again]
    Devil : What is LCDC?
    Angel : LCDC is Lia Candi Debate Community
    Devil: You said "debate'? it means we are going to fight, with bomb, guns, and weapon, like bang bang bang ...
    Angel : No, no, we don't fight with those things, but we fight with words
    Devil : With words? I don't think it's gonna be fun, when is it?
    Angel : It is on Saturdays 1 pm
    Devil : Saturdays? at 1? Oh Nooo! what about my parties? How long will it be?
    Angel : only half an hour
    Devil : half an hour? that's too long....what about the price?
    Angel : You don't have to think of the price, it is for free!!!
    Devil : For free??? Ok, I will think it over, but can you show me other things which are free here, in LIA?
    Angel: Yes, sure...."A Class with Hanneke"
    Devil: A Class with YOU?
    Angel : Yeah...with me
    Devil : When is it?
    Angel : It's on Wednesdays at 7 to 9 pm, Fridays at 5 to 7 pm, and Saturdays at 1pm when there is no LCDC
    Devil: Wednesdays at 7 to 9 pm, Fridays at 5 to 7 pm, and Saturdays at 1pm when there is no LCDC, what will we discuss there?
    Angel : we can discuss about Hollands' culture, religion, socials, and many more...
    Devil : It's for free right?
    Angel : Yes, sure, it's free
    Devil: Can I get Dutch boys if I join your class?
    Angel : Sure, Dutch boys love Asian girls ...
    Devil : Oh, OK. Let me think it over. But...but...but... you take my saturdays, my weekends, and my evenings, I can't go partying, hanging out with my friends....[mutes after Angel swings the wand at las
    Angel : Owww, that's why she is called a little devil. Don't worry class, I will take care of her.. well see you, bye!
    -Performed at LCDC Promotion on April 6-10, 2010- by Ms. Nafisa and Ms. Hanneke
    angel and demon in action

    students' expression watching the performance

    1. that's funny, hahaha..
      i think LCDC is good programme. We can learn more skills about debating, and we can train our conversation.
      And in Hanneke's Class, I think we can learn about Holland's culture easier. Even it's free, hehe
      Taufan Rizki
      Intermediate 3 EA

    2. it's interesting progamme from LIA...
      it's free,we not need pay anymore n we can explore our skill because in this programme each person must talk n give some opinion about the topic that been gave in that day...
      n in this programme we can learn about the Holland culture more tahan we ever known...

      Nurul Septi Kumala Ayu



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